You’re excited. You’re nervous. You might meet Prince Charming tonight or you’ll end up going home bored out of your mind. With college parties you never know what to expect, but they are an experience that every college girl should have. Why?

They’re one of the few things you’ll remember.

College parties are notorious. You go to school and follow the same routine everyday, but parties give you an excuse to just let loose. Now, by letting loose, I don’t mean chugging jungle juice like crazy. You get to be yourself in a place where no one will judge you because they’re too busy releasing their own stress.

They’re the only place where you get free alcohol and food.

The mere mention of free food gets college kids drooling. Heck if there’s free pizza at the Acapella Choir meeting, I’m there! You get free chips, salsa, Twinkies (if you’re lucky), brownies, cake, tacos (it has happened before), and so much more! On top of it, you got drinks! Now, don’t go crazy with the alcohol just yet. While alcohol helps you relax, going overboard with it is dangerous! Do not go crazy at the first sight of booze. Take it slow and your body will thank you. Don’t be “that girl” who threw up on the $500 futon. Drink less than your limit. You don’t need alcohol to have fun, and that’s something a lot of us forget.

Music, music, music.

I’m one of those people who loves music. I love the lyrics, beats, everything! My current obsession is Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Guess where I heard it? That’s right, at a college party!

You might meet a new friend.

I met one of my friends at a party. He was sitting down as his friends were mingling. He didn’t know anyone at the party and I went to go say hi. Turns out he was super easy to talk to. We were talking about our majors and what clubs we participated in. It was an intellectual conversation at a college party. I know, big surprise right? But it does happen.


This is a shocker. Who networks at a college party? Well, at college parties you’re surrounded by people from different majors. Everyone knows someone who can help you. Don’t believe me? Try it. That guy who is a business major may have an uncle who is a marine biologist that just happens to be looking for an intern. Connections are everywhere. Turn a simple conversation into your favor and it just might take you places.

Games, Games, Games.

There’s beer pong, poker, Dance Revolution, Twister, and so much more. I’ve never felt more of a kid playing games at a college party, and it turns out to be seriously fun when I beat someone at Go Fish and they have to give all the players a five-minute massage. Stress knots no more!

It’s somewhat safe?

Now before you call me out on this, I just want to say it depends on the party. The parties I’ve been too have been at apartments. I’m surrounded by people in a place that isn’t really that big. It’s safe for me because there are so many people, and if something were to happen, 10 people would come rushing over to me. That’s what I mean by safe, when you know for a fact that people will be there to help you. However, if you go somewhere else like a club or a party at a hotel, be in a place where you know you will be safe. Be with people you know and have your cell phone with you.

Now I’m not promoting going out and doing whatever you want at college parties, I’m just saying it has been an amazing experience for me. Of course the parties I’ve been to were with people I knew at places I knew, and I knew for a fact I was safe. If these conditions apply to you, then go to a college party and have that experience!

What do you think?

Share your experiences from your first college party! Was it fun or awkward? What advice would you give to someone going to their first one? Leave a comment below!


  1. avatar vicki says:

    I agree with all this. I’m older than the average college student, but I still get invited to parties and I’m having FUN! I still have to be safe, too, because I’m still a girl.

  2. avatar swikoff says:

    I enjoyed this blog. However, even though I have been to parties I do not drink, I still enjoy socializing with people. I sometimes have friends that will drink, but they know I don’t so they don’t try to force me into anything. I think that is very important too, when you go to parties to take friends that you know will have your back.

  3. avatar Aryn says:

    Whaaaat, I’ve never been to a party with food. I’ve tried doing food at my parties before but drunk people just make a mess!

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