Now my dear readers, I do not wish to alarm you with this post. But should a zombie apocalypse occur on your campus, and had we not posted this how-to guide (on a website that claims to teach you everything a college girl should know)…well, we’d just look foolish. Don’t you think?

This is our how-to guide to help you stay alive during this disaster. Please keep in mind that your ability to survive will depend on how committed you are to living and how well you can hit zombies with baseball bats. And possible how squeamish you are.

1. Become a Vampire

2. Move to Pigfarts

3. Throw an amazing “End of the World” Party

4. Get a good stick

What Do You Think?

Do you have a plan should a disaster like this occur? Would you survive?

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  1. avatar ChelC says:

    This is funny, but lacking. I do have a plan, and I would survive =) lol

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