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If fall temperatures haven’t come as soon as you expected, or you go to a school with minimal air conditioning, chances are you fight sweat on a daily basis. Read on for a few tried and true methods to beat excessive perspiration, whether you’re one of the 2 to 3 percent of Americans who suffer from an excessive perspiration condition or you fall prey to humid classrooms on a regular basis.

Aluminum chloride. This antiperspirant goes a long way. Find a deodorant with this secret weapon in the ingredients list and you can rid yourself of breakthrough sweat. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try just a little amount of a time, because it can be a skin irritant.

Rely on lime in a pinch. Cutting a lime in halves and using it under your underarm in a pinch when you need it is a great natural way to combat perspiration, especially if you don’t want to use aluminum chloride. Limes also help control odor too. Limes have a natural citrus that can neutralize odors and at the same time the acidity levels in a lime can help get rid of sweat.

Take in more vitamin B. B complex vitamins help your body to break down toxins, which is an essential function of sweating. Help your body with its natural processes by taking in more vitamin B and eating lots of fruits and veggies!

Skip the spices. If you’re adding garlic and other spices to your meals, you may be giving your body an excuse to sweat. Avoiding eating spices in meals consumed before going out may help you reduce any spice-induced excessive sweating.

Dress smart, dress loose. An obvious quick fix to sweating is just to wear a breathable fabric that is looser on the body. Sweaters and thicker fabrics that don’t allow your body to be cool and breathe are big sweat culprits that can easily be avoided during these transitional days between summer and fall.

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  1. avatar Samantha says:

    Is aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex the same as aluminum chloride?

  2. avatar Taylor says:

    Deodorants and antiperspirants are interchangeable. Just sayin’.

  3. avatar Ana says:

    Not to diss or hate or anything but I heard Aluminum chloride is one of the factors that cause breast cancer. Not sure though. Anyway nice site ^^ keep it up :)

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