The scenario: One of your girlfriends has been begging you for weeks to go to a Zumba class with her. You’ve been hesitant in the past because you don’t know how well you can “shake it” in a room full of strangers, but you’ve finally put that out of your mind (it’ll be all girls anyways). So you throw on a grungy tshirt with a few stains, some shorts, and tennis shoes  and haphazardly pull your hair into a ponytail. You meet your friend for class and then come face to face with your worst enemy. That giant mirror…

Is something about the exercise you want to try bothering you? Are you worried this will happen to you?

This series of posts is focused on preparing you for little avoidable surprises when you’re working out and also to help you look good doing it!

Part 1: Dance or Exercise Class

Be prepared

Like the above scenario spells out, there will probably be a giant mirror at your exercise class. If you know that seeing yourself looking less than perfect is going to bother you, then plan for it. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, so I will check my makeup before, and I’ll usually take a little time when I’m pulling my hair back for class.


Yes, in moderation. Never get dolled up for the gym, unless you want to look like you are trying to hard. However, when you know you are going to be staring at yourself in the mirror for an hour, do yourself a favor and opt for a little mascara.

What to wear

Keep in mind that you will be staring not only at yourself, but also at all the cute outfits the other girls may be wearing. Choose clothes that will be flattering for you figure. Don’t pick the XXL tshirt if it’s going to make you feel fat.

Workout ClothesTank, shorts, cross trainers, capris

Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of class you will be going to. If it’s just dance then you can wear any shorts or pants and feel comfortable. But if it’s an exercise class which might involve doing some sit ups or leg lifts, wear shorts which will keep you covered or stick with sporty capris or pants.

Want to impress a boy?

Face it. Any boy showing up to your Zumba or aerobics class is probably gay or with his girlfriend, so don’t even worry about the boys. And if you want to find guys when you workout, make sure you pick a different type of exercise next time.

ECG Bonus Tip:

We’ve already established that your exercise will be a “dateable-boy-free-zone”… HOWEVER, if your class is at your college’s rec-center make sure you and your friend take advantage of the other facilities. Take a cool down lap past an open gym or a weight room where boys will be getting their sweat on. Linger around a water fountain and strike up a conversation about your tired calf muscles…

What Do You Think?

Do you participate in a dance class or group exercise class? Do you go to gym? What tips do you have about having the best workout and looking good? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar Serena says:

    I appreciate the purpose of this article, but there seems to be too much of a focus on appearances. People go to the gym to workout so they look good later. While working out, let loose! If you really work hard, you’re going to get sweaty and your hair is probably going to get messed up. The gym is not the time to be criticizing your mascara application.
    That said I agree with wearing cute workout clothes and things you feel comfortable in…I am also a tad freaked out about using makeup at the gym because when people sweat, pores open, and I don’t want the chemicals in makeup seeping into my pores…

  2. avatar Julie says:

    I definitely agree, except when boys are there I cannot help but get a little distracted… Personally I just know that I get bummed when I’m working out in a class setting with a mirror and I know that I look sloppy. Sometimes it affects my workout. But that’s just how I am

  3. avatar Aleida says:

    For me, working out is about looking and feeling good in the long run. Worrying about guys being there is just silly. You’re not trying to impress them, you’re taking care of your health.

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