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Swimming just happens to be one of my favorite forms of exercise, so I have plenty of great advice for heading to the pool. Whether you’re a pro or pretty new to swimming, here’s what you need to know!

Be prepared…

…to tackle that chlorine! The best way to save your hair from pool chemicals is to keep your hair from coming into direct contact with the chlorine. Always shower before entering the pool and make sure to completely soak your hair. If your hair is already soaked with water, then the chlorinated water will not have much chance to get through. After your hair is wet, apply some conditioner(or some lotion if you’re desperate). Concentrate on the ends, but put in as much as you’d like. Next pull your hair back and secure it all into a swim cap.

Also bring a water bottle. Most people don’t think to bring water to the pool because, well, they’re surrounded by it! But one of the reasons swimming is such an amazing workout is because you sweat a lot, but don’t even realize it. So make sure you make up for that sweating by drinking lots of water.


No way! Make sure you bring some makeup remover to get everything off, so you don’t leave the pool looking like a raccoon. I leave a pack of makeup remover wipes in my bag just in case.

What to wear

Obviously you’re going to be in your swimsuit and goggles to workout, but what should you wear on the way there? If you’re going during the day opt for an outfit that shows off your personality and figure, not sweats (think Emily from Pretty Little Liars). One of my favorite things about swimming growing up was that people at the pool could still see me in my street clothes, while a sport like basketball, all they typically saw were my tshirts and shorts.

ECG necessity: Besides your swim suit, the other pool necessity is a swim cap. They are not expensive($2-$10), and they will protect your hair and keep it out of your face while you’re swimming. My favorite swim caps are silicone. They are more expensive than latex swim caps, but the silicone cap will last a lot longer, plus it will do a lot less damage to your hair(latex caps pull your hair as you put them on and off).

Fun Swim CapsI didn’t even mention how cute they could be! Caps

Want to impress a boy?

At the pool you can’t depend on makeup(unless waterproof) to impress, so make sure you’re ready to go the extra mile.
If there’s a cute lifeguard, make a show of pulling off your swim cap(or just taking out a hair tie) after finishing your workout. Take a quick dip to submerge your head and emerge like a hot mermaid ;p
If there’s a cute boy swimmer, try to get a lane near him and show off during your workout. After your workout try to bump into him outside the locker rooms. He’ll be impressed by the transformation of your wet, unruly locks in the pool to the shiny, beautiful, just-showered hair you’ll show off.

What Do You Think?

Will you be going to the pool after learning these tips? Or do you prefer another type of exercise? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Unimpressed. says:

    This doesn’t even tell us where to get swimsuits, or whether we should be wearing bikinis or one pieces.

    • Kasey says:

      I would check out for bikinis and swimsuits, they are in the process of adding ROXY, Lolé, and many others to their site.

  2. WestMeetsSouth says:

    I have been a swimmer my whole life and work in a pool now. Being a blonde, I have always had to worry about my green turning green from the chlorine. To keep my hair looking and feeling great, I use shampoo specifically made I remove chlorine. A great one is ultraswim, it comes in a conditioner too which is great to get rid of that strawy hair most swimmers get :)

  3. Lorene says:

    Such a deep awsenr! GD&RVVF

  4. Aleida says:

    I didn’t know that getting into a pool while your hair is already wet would protect it – that’s definitely some handy information that I would have loved to know a few years ago. Thanks!


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