Capture the memories for years to come this holiday by snapping some pro shots of all your friends and family. All you need is a digital camera, some subjects, and a few helpful tips from Every College Girl:

Get Close

Nothing looks worse than a posed, awkward photo from ten feet away. Get closer to the people, animals, or things your photographing to fill most of the frame. This creates a more intimate feeling, plus it makes it much easier to edit, crop, and tag your photos afterwards.

Speak Up

If you’re setting people up for a shot, play a pro and direct them where to sit or stand. Don’t be shy, they’ll be happy to shift around at least a little bit to make a better shot. Try to have some people standing, others sitting, maybe some crouching, to add different height and dynamic to the photo.

Sneak Up

Get some candids too by keeping your camera near by. Pull it out and snap up shots of people talking, laughing, dancing, or opening gifts. Avoid shots of people eating or drinking, which are always unflattering, and be sure to go through your shots on your computer afterwards to ditch any embarrassing or awkward shots. Sometimes, candids can be the best shots you’ll have, they really can capture a moment.

Don’t Forget the Background

Be sure to check out the background in your photos when composing a shot. If you have to, switch around to a different angle to avoid a harsh light or too busy of a background. If there are a lot of decorations, people, lights, etc in the background it can be distracting or awkward and take away from the focus of the photo: your friends and family!

Take Multiples

Take lots of shots of the same thing, from the same angle, different angles, different settings. You can snap them quickly one after the other so people don’t have to post for too long. When you’re going through the shots afterwards, you’ll be happy you did, since this can help eliminate blurry shots, red eye, or missed moments.

What Do You Think?

Do you like taking photos during the holidays? What are your best tips? Any budding photographers with some helpful hints? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. avatar Irina says:

    Wow I love taking photos and I think I needed these tips since my pictures havent turned out too good :( anyways, this is super appreciated!

  2. avatar Charlotte says:

    oooh fabulous post!!
    I was allowed to open my DSLR yesterday so I could get it charged and read for Christmas and I’ve been taking pictures non-stop!!
    I’ll definitely be saving this post :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  3. avatar annie says:

    Hey, I actually did a guest post for the same thing. It is here.

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