Thongs, cozzies and an esky. Chances are if you’re in America, we are thinking of very different things. Down here in Australia, not ‘oz’ as all you Americans call it. Thongs are flip flops, cozzies are swimmers, trunks, togs, bathing suits, swimming costumes etc. and an esky is a cooler. The summer brings all the best things about Australia together; the beach, legendary icecream, cold beer, snags and sport. Here’s your guide to hosting your own great Aussie Barbie (barbeque). Yes folks, barbeque, not ‘grill.’

For starters, head to your local butcher and buy at least forty snags (sausages), the blokes (men) will always be up for thirds, or fourths if there are leftovers. You’re going to need something to go with the snags, so buy at least a litre (liter) of dead horse (tomato sauce, like ketchup) and a dozen onions.

As a general rule you should always double the amount of onion you think you’ll need.

Next, you’ll need to hit up woolies (a supermarket), and buy heaps (a lot) of fizzy (soda). Then walk next door to the bottle-o (liquor store) and buy a case or five of beer (see below). Two packets of ice from the petrol station (gas station) and you’re good as gold.

Our barbeques always involve a game of footy (rugby) or cricket, way too much beer and yummy leftovers the next day. Our summer down under has just finished, which doesn’t mean anything since the temperature still sits in the thirties.

What do you think?

What do your barbeque/grill sessions involve? Any traditions or favourite barbeque foods to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Tegan says:

    I’ve lived in almost every state in Australia. Queenslanders mostly call swimmers ‘cozzies’. The most common term for “fizzy” is actually soft drink. The slang changes from state to state in some cases :)

  2. avatar Naomi says:

    I called them cozzies and fizzy….just depends where you live and how old you are

  3. avatar joey says:

    I’m with you Courtney. I’m from Australia as well – can’t say I’ve ever used the terms “cozzies” or “fizzy”.
    I’ve been asked before if everyone has internet here – as if we have to go to an internet cafe or library to have access. Australia isn’t that different to everywhere else.

  4. avatar k.k says:

    i live in new zealand and i love how there are even more different names for things here. thongs / flip flops are jandels and a esky / cooler is called a chilly bin. but yes new zealand my be small but we do have alot the same. :)

  5. avatar courtney says:

    Okay, firstly love the article but! we do not call swimmers ‘cozzies’ or tomato sauce ‘dead sauce’ and we don’t call soda ‘fizzy’. How I know this….. I was born, bred and live in Australia, and to be honest we’re not that different from the rest of the world

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