One thing I really struggle with is my wardrobe. More than once (a day… in the mornings when I’m scrambling for something to wear…) I proclaim, “I have nothing to wear!” Then I vow to myself to go shopping that weekend.

But no matter how much I shop, I never have anything to wear.

I finally realized the problem wasn’t lack of attire, it was lack of creativity and organization. It was a problem of, “Wait, what did I wear with this that one time when I felt really good…?”

Well, I have finally found a solution to that problem.

I’ve always had the idea of keeping a running list of what outfits I wear. The problem is, with so many clothes, there are endless combinations. Unfortunately, a binder can only hold so many pages. Also, I got lazy. Writing down my outfits took too much time and effort. Or I would lose the paper. Or I would come up with another way to do this. Or this, or that.

I realized I needed three things: 1. something that has endless storage. 2. something that’s fast and easy 3. something that can’t get lost

So I decided to download Evernote.

I quickly figured out how to use it as my own personal style file. Here’s how to make your own!

  • First, download Evernote. If you want to get it for your smart phone, you can do that too, but I haven’t found it to be necessary. I do recommend downloading it to your computer, though.
  • Make the following notebooks: Outerwear, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes. If you’re an accessory junkie, you could also make a notebook for accessories in general, or an individual notebook for each type of accessory.
  • Within each notebook, you’re going to make a note for each specific item of clothing you have that falls within that category. You can do this all in one go, or you can just do it as that item is worn.
  • Within the note, select “insert table.” You want 1 x 1 and 25% of the total page. In the cell, just type out your outfit!
  • Whenever you wear an outfit that you love, take a few minutes to type it up in Evernote. For instance, if you’re wearing a tank top, jeans, wedges, and a cardigan, your Evernote would be organized like so:


  • Red cardigan
  • Red cardigan, navy and white striped tank top, straight legged jeans, red polka dot wedges


  • Navy and white striped tank top
  • Red cardigan, navy and white striped tank top, straight legged jeans, red polka dot wedges


  • Straight legged jeans
  • Red cardigan, navy and white striped tank top, straight legged jeans, red polka dot wedges


  • Red polka dot wedges
  • Red cardigan, navy and white striped tank top, straight legged jeans, red polka dot wedges

It sounds like it takes a lot of time, but it really doesn’t. You only have to type the outfit once, and then you can just copy and paste it to the other notebooks.

The great thing about organizing your outfits this way is that whenever you feel the urge to break out those red polka dot wedges, you can go to Evernote, choose your “Shoes” notebook, find the “Red polka dot wedges” note, and then you’ll have tons of options at your fingertips!

The key to doing this, though, is to do it every time you love your outfit. Don’t bother doing it when you don’t love your outfit, because who wants to repeat those?

The longer you do this, the more outfits you’ll have. This is also helping me from spending money, because now I’m realizing just how much I really do have! So give it a whirl!

What do you think?

Would you use this method? Do you have anything you prefer to keep your wardrobe organized?


  1. avatar Kris says:

    Is there any way that you could create a few screenshots as I’m an avid evernote user and fan and am eager to find a way to use evernote to organize my clothing + outfits, but I can’t visualize how your instructions look… like why is the table just 25%, etc. Can you please share some screenshots?
    Also, how might the “tag” feature help– like if you were to “tag” all of sweaters as “sweaters” might that help to then build outfits? Just a thought. Thanks! :)

  2. avatar Gracie says:

    Cloth app! I use it to store outfits or just anything in my closet so when I shop, I can see if there’s anything to wear with what I want to buy!

  3. avatar s says:

    thanks a LOT! i’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, and even when i had evernote on my phone i didnt realize i could use it for organizing clothes/outfits. excellent tip, love this website btw!

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