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Here’s a Friday afternoon dare for you girls, and it’s one of my favourite guilty pleasures. Head over to your favourite haunt with some girlfriends for a lazy patio (or air-conditioned) afternoon. Order coffee (or drinks–it’s 5:00 somewhere!) and each order those desserts that look so good, but you never have enough money/time/appetite to try after dinner.

If you like this idea, try it out, then leave me a comment (or a forum post!) and let me know how it went! Happy weekend, girls!

Author: kaleigh


  1. SammieK says:

    i love this.
    its a wednesday but i’m going to do this tonight

  2. Celia :) says:

    drinks and dessert on a hot afternoon?? only the best plan ever! next trip home, this needs to happen!

  3. Sari says:

    I’ve seriously gone out with my friends to eat and we just order appetizers and desserts. Who need entrees? :)


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