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Hey girls! I hope your week was slightly less busy than mine was. Maybe you’re staring down the barrel of spring break, in which case it’s a perfect time for just-for-fun Friday! Take a look at some of my random picks for hours of distraction this week. Happy Weekend!

want to make your sweet tooth seem a little more classy at your next get-together? Why not make a batch of candy sushi?

if you haven’t already, join our Facebook group. You’ll get instant updates of new posts right to your newsfeed, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with other readers!

as if every photo of Emma Watson in couture gowns wasn’t breathtaking, check out these stunning images of her from Italian Vogue

Kirsten Dunst with blue hair? Check out the full story here

if you do happen to be suffocating underneath mountains of homework like myself, you just may have forgotten to go grocery shopping this week. Before you order another pizza, take a look in your cupboard, this website lets you submit the random ingredients you have left and comes up with a list of recipes! Perfect for a starving college girl.

another chore that goes by the wayside when you’re stressed is laundry. But what about your favourite pair of jeans? Just stick ’em in the freezer to freshen them up.

these smashed potatoes look soo good, and really easy to make.

is there such a thing as a female douchebag? If there is, I’m sure she would wear one of these outfits

I am so overjoyed that you can turn your boring keys into unicorns, and so sad that mine are still just boring keys :(

Hope you find something that catches your fancy. See any interesting pages this week? Share your just-for-fun links in the comments section!

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  1. Marthe says:

    Great links! I wish I had room in my freezer! ;)

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