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Hey girls, it’s been a while since we did a Just for Fun Fridays post. I decided do round up a few links of cool sites or things I’ve come across on the web so far this summer, in case you need to kill a few minutes before work or (hopefully) something more fun like going to the beach!

  • Planning on travelling this summer? Check out these important tips on travelling from the Anderson Cooper 360 blog.
  • Mmm, no-bake peanut butter pie? You can count me, and all you other baking-challenged college girls, in!
  • Funny and true: the hipster fashion cycle makes starting a trend look easy.
  • High school girls: worried about boring, box-style dorm rooms at college this fall? Don’t worry, this site has everything you need to make your dorm room fit your personal style.
  • For lots of college girls, getting married seems like a lifetime away, but don’t these gorgeous gowns make you feel all romantic?
  • Lots of girls are making the shift to going ‘poo free (that’s shampoo!). This site gives their take on the trend, would you ever ditch the bottle?
  • Hungry for inspiration? Check out this fashion candy from V magazine.
  • If our series on travelling abroad didn’t pique your interest in heading to Europe, these breathtaking photos likely will.
  • This post is a few years old now, but these tips on growing longer hair never expire.

Thanks for reading, girls! Leave any cool sites you’ve found lately in a comment below. Happy Long Weekend!

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  1. avatar Sari says:

    Wow, that shampoo article was really interesting. But that transition period sounds scary. I don’t know, it’s very interesting.

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