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Now that the holidays are wrapping up, we have one more glam night out to look forward to, the most glamourous night of the year: New Year’s Eve. Glitter, sequins, sky-high heels, nothing is too over-the-top for NYE, so why not pull your dramatic look together with one of these fierce eye makeup looks from some of our favourite You Tube makeup mavericks!

Blue Cat Eye

This tutorial for a blue shadow, cat-eye look is perfect for New Year’s. If you’re wearing a blue or neutral dress, this is a perfect pop of colour to really set your eyes off. The combination of glitter, smokey eye, and the fact that Tiffany makes it so simple to follow along make it a great option for your night out.

Glam Glitter


I’m in love with this look, although it’s a little more complicated than the above video, I think I may even try it out for myself this NYE! What other time of the year can you get away with the much glitter and sparkle? This is the perfect time to try out a daring look like this, and this one is totally glam without looking like a kid who got a makeup playset for Christmas.

Max Lashes


I wear false eyelashes when I go out on a regular basis, but if you’ve never tried them before and want to take you look to the next level, pick up some for yourself this NYE. They aren’t as scary as they seem and if you practice a day or so beforehand, you’ll get the knack for it. This video shows you a really simple way of applying them, and I would also recommend doing this at a table with a mirror, with your elbows resting on the surface to steady your hands, as opposed to standing in front of a mirror. You’ll end up with a perfectly glam night-out look!

What Do You Think?

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Will you be trying a new makeup look? Anything like our picks? Leave a comment and let us know!

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