Summer is approaching. Beautiful weather, fun relaxation, time for friends, time for fun, and time for spontaneity. I have always loved the sound of a spontaneous road trip to where ever the road takes me. Of course, I am way too practical and slightly OCD to ever really let this happen. But for those of you who think you’d be interested make sure you stock your car with these items, so you’re always ready to hit the road.


I’m sure you and your travel companions wear deoderant on a regular basis, but who knows how long you’ll be in that car. Plus if you happen to change shirts, you will definitely benefit from a reapplication. And the rest of the car will thank you.


Being in the car for a long time can make your skin dry. There is nothing worse than feeling how dry your hands and fingers are, and knowing that you have no lotion to use.  ECG tip: Since it is summer, make your lotion a sun screen of at least 30SPF, so it’ll do double duty. It’ll keep your skin hydrated and all of you sunburn free. Or if you’re a germaphobe, or plan on eating in your car make it an antibacterial lotion.


These should be a staple in ECG’s car. Just throw in old pair in the car for every day use and make sure they do not leave the car. Then enjoy squinting so much less when you drive.


If you understand how horrible it can be going without lotion, then you know that it’s about ten times worse being without chapstick. You notice it, and then you start to lick your lips. And pretty soon what started out as a minor annoyance is taking over your mind, and you feel you will not rest until you can stop at a gas station to buy some new chapstick. So please save yourself the trouble and just leave some in your car.

Wet face wipes

If your road trip involves you driving through the night, you will be very thankful for these face wipes. Your face will probably get a little oily and you may not have time to stop somewhere to wash your face. When you’ve been in the car forever for a road trip, it feels so good to clean your face. Also it’ll help wake you up a little, so you feel more alert on the road.

Breath Mints or Gum

It’s about 2 hours from your next rest stop, and you haven’t had the chance to brush your teeth in a bit. Having bad breath or “fuzzy” teeth, can be a huge discomfort so be ready with some gum or tic tacs. If you love clean teeth, then think about stocking up with some of those one time use tooth wipes (like Brush-Ups).

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Disposable Camera

Have you ever been caught with out a camera? And with some of your best friends? On a night where you just want to be a little crazy? It is THE worst! So make sure you just leave a disposable camera in your car. You may be someone who brings your camera with you everywhere, but somehow the one day you decide to drive 3 hours to your best friend’s house or to a nearby amusement park, will be the one day you don’t have it, so just take our advice and be prepared.

What Do You Think?

What do you need for a road trip? A blanket, Doritos, silly string? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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