On one of our previous articles, one reader asked us the following question:

All I used to wear were american eagle t-shirts and sweatshirts or just t-shirts and hoodies from hollister and now that im actually trying to find a style and buy more pieces its very hard to just go to a totally new wardrobe without breaking the bank. is there any ways i could wear the t-shirts/hoodies and make them “stylish” instead of just the generic t-shirt/jeans/sneakers/zip up hoodie combo?

Thanks for the question, Irina! Improving your current style without breaking the bank (or having your new style already defined) can be a daunting task. And girl, there’s one word I have for you: accessorize!

I’m sure you already have some great basics in your closet, such as those Hollister tee’s and jeans. By adding a few accessories, you can completely change your look from cookie-cutter “Hollister Honey” to a less-mainstream look!

Look 1:

Channel your inner hippie by throwing on braided leather flip-flops, tons of bright bracelets (ones of rope or leather work well for this look,) and a braided headband! Add an oversized cardigan to call upon the little Mary-Kate within you, and you’re good to go!

Look 2:

If something more rebellious is more your thing, why not try something like this?

Switch your jeans out for a pair of beat-up shorts, and add toughened up boots for a little edge. Throw on an armful of black bracelet and a motorcycle jacket (which are super-hot right now, btw!), and a slouchy leather belt and you’ve got yourself an outfit!

So even if your current clothes don’t fit your style now, don’t spend tons of money on an entire new wardrobe at once! Start your new look by dipping into the accessory pool – they’re inexpensive and easily changed. Accessories are a great way to try out a new look without spending tons of cash on it. If you don’t like the style of accessory, how do you think an entire outfit in that style would make you feel? Don’t forget – slow and steady wins the (fashion) race!

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  1. avatar Lindsey says:

    Over the hair headbands are AWFUL.

  2. avatar Irina says:

    Wow thank you so much! :) It’s definitely smart to try out accessories first instead of just spending a ton of money on a look I may not want. I’m not sure which look I like best so I’ll be trying both of them and hopefully other looks too.

  3. avatar Charlotte says:

    great post- i love the second outfit :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

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