Reasons To Love Guys With Tattoos
What do Johnny Depp, David Beckham, and Colin Farrell all have in common? Ink. But if you immediately thought of their rugged good looks you’re not wrong there either, and we beg the question as to whether the two factors are related in more ways than the average girl gives them credit for. What makes tatted guys so intriguing? As college girls we know there is more to guys than surface qualities, and tattoos serve as a permanent reminder that there are deeper meanings that offer more than what meets the eye.


They’re not afraid of commitment

Nothing screams commitment like a good face tattoo. But location aside, getting inked is a form of permanent self-expression or dedication. Guys who are comfortable with permanent and public signs of personal symbolism are, by definition, keepers. While having tattoos does not necessarily equate with being more inclined to get into a relationship, the foundational qualities of a deep and meaningful connection are there, somewhere under the ink. What’s sexier than a guy who is so comfortable with permanence that it goes further than skin deep?

They’re in touch with themselves

When it comes to the universal rule that there is nothing sexier than confidence, the same holds true when it comes to the unrestrained boldness that it takes to get an eternal symbol on your body. Tattoo enthusiasts consider it an art form that takes a lot of time in planning and execution to create the perfect body art that conveys both personality and sentiment. When guys are not afraid to be open with aspects of their life that they find meaningful, the sense of emotional pride mixed with a dash of vulnerability is the perfect recipe for sexy.

They’re emotionally expressive

On a scale of 50 Cent to the rabbit-holding hipster in the State Farm commercial, the average guy with tattoos probably falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to being in tune with their emotional side. Guys who outwardly express emotions break the mold of the typical sports fanatic, hyper masculine college guy, and girls love a guy who stands out.

Disclaimer: having tattoos is not to say that a man is emasculated by his comfort with emotions, because in actuality tattoos have been regarded for centuries as a sign of masculinity. Historical contexts over the centuries have shown that tattoos serve as a middle path between raw masculinity and sentimental expression: Roman legionnaires were tattooed with SPQR, which stands for Senatus Populus Quel Romanum, to signify their rank in Rome’s military forces; Sailors in the 18th century got tattoos when they arrived home after major voyages; Many indigenous cultures today tattoo adolescent boys to signify their transition to manhood in the ranks of their tribe or community. At Every College Girl we know that college is a place to find yourself – and we know that tattooed guys are doing just that, in their own way, and they’re not afraid to express it.

They’re artsy

As arguably the most controversial form of art, tattoos are not for the faint of heart. So the guys who are comfortable becoming their own canvas, both literally and metaphorically, should have a special place in all girls’ hearts. Art implies depth, range of emotion, layers of sentimentality, and also an undeniably attractive edge. Every guy, and every tattoo, is unique, and just like art, they should be appreciated for their unique and distinct qualities that make them who they are. Because, ultimately, that is exactly what we want in return from them.


What Do You Think?

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Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Marco Gutierrez says:

    As a man, I disagree with tattoos on so many levels. Tattoos and piercings are, on the whole, extremely unappealing to me. Even ones I don’t hate can barely be described as palatable. I’ve yet to find an actual good argument for why anyone should ever get a tattoo aside from it being a mark of your tribal ancestry and connection, and even then I still don’t get it. You want to remind yourself of something so you get it tattooed? That means you are worried that you’d actually forget the meaning behind something so “integral” to you, which means it wasn’t all that important to begin with. The only tattoo I’ve ever considered being potentially worth it was the semicolon, because of the associated suicide symbology. And yet, I’d rather get a wrist band or a ring with that emblem instead of a tattoo. It’s easy to care for a tattoo. You can’t lose a tattoo. Can’t break a tattoo. Can’t destroy a tattoo. An accident can’t get rid of your tattoo without maiming your horrifically to the point you don’t give a damn about your tattoo. You actually have to polish your jewelry. Take care of it. Ensure it doesn’t break or become damaged. That’s why jewelry is a more effective reminder, if you actually needed a reminder for something.

    I’m a Christian. At no point in my life have I ever written thought I should get a cross tattooed on me to represent my conviction to Jesus. A tattoo represents that someone has conviction to something only in so far as its presence is there to remind them of such a commitment. My commitment to God is external in my voice and my actions, and internal iny heart and my mind. I don’t need a tattoo to remind myself of how I should act and behave. Nor does anyone else.

    You get your piercings and tattoos if you wish. But I certainly ly won’t find a girl appealing if she has them. By the same token, if you think I’m any less of a man for holding onto my convictions myself without a physical reminder like a tattoo, then you’re missing out. I don’t need an abstinence ring to remind myself I’m to be a virgin until marriage. I’ll let my willpower determine that.

  2. kaiser says:

    I think anyone here that trys to say all people get tattoos to be cool or causr their trying to be hard and anyone who looks down on tattoos are just sad and judgemental people I have plenty of tattoos some even on my face and none of them did I get to be cool or hard I got them for me because I love them and wanted them and to this day I don’t regret a single one some people just can’t get over the fact not all people with tattoos are playas or bad guys I mean i don’t do drugs I’m not in a gang or connected to any I have a girl friend that I’m dedicated to and love with all my heart and shes the kindest most loving girl iv ever met and we want a family as soon as possible so anyone that says tattooed people are bad people or playas think again its just art you should be ashamed for being such judgemental people I take pride in my face tats and always will :)

  3. LifeLiked says:

    Everyone’s so big and opinionated on the internet. In reality we all die so what’s it matter if someone wants to ink themself up. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. But to say 99% of tattooed people are idiots is a pretty “ignant” statement. That’s like me saying whoever watches sports are lazy mudda fuckas. But eh, to each their own.

  4. Donny says:

    Well where to start. I am a guy, with a LOT of tattoos, and to be honest, now at 35 I regret ever having had any. Sorry girl but 99% of the time guys get them to seem cool, look like a badass (even though they’re usually anything but) and impress women. This is why I had the first of mine and to be fair I feel like a total weak fool for doing so. I followed the crowd. Tattooed up guys are the norm these days so they’re not exceptional.
    Of course, variety is the spice of life and who am I to judge, though at least I can say I talk from experience. I’m in the process of having mine removed now, and concentrating on playing rugby. Now being elite in a contact sport, now THAT is the height of masculinity.

  5. Real man says:

    Tattoos are just for weak, fearful and unconfident jerks. What’s a good way to hide their mistrust. You are immature and a loser.

  6. Dave says:

    Girls, men with tattoos are the ones that will pump and dump you after you have their kid. Girl love bad boys, bad boys don’t want kids, ever

  7. Penny says:

    Tattoos are a beautiful- if controversial- form of art! Not everyone can be a poet, and there definitely is truth in the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. I have six, but didn’t get the highly visible ones until well into my thirties. By then I was already married (hence, well f**ked) and more confident than in earlier years. My husband, who has several tattoos, likes mine a lot. We might get more later on; we don’t regret a single one because they represent things that mean a lot to us. People who choose not to get tattoos might ask themselves why not: Are they paranoid about what others might think? Are they firmly stuck in a conservative environment? Do they enjoy riding a tide of self-righteousness? Or do they take the Old Testament literally? (IMO, the Biblical instruction would be the only valid reason to be against them). The tattoo case is hardly closed, and I couldn’t be happier that ink is now mainstream and (more) accepted.

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