It doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend, your best friend, or your parents, to love unconditionally is to trust and to cherish. If you truly love a person, you have to trust them enough to make decisions for themselves and run their own life, while at the same time be there no matter the cost.

Every moment and every action must be treasured – even if they embarrass you in public, acknowledge that it’s who they are. If you can’t do that much, then you do not unconditionally love them, and you need to stop and ask yourself how you can change that for the better of the relationship.

If it’s someone like your mom or your best friend of seven years, then you might want to take some tips and learn how to love unconditionally – but you don’t have to love everyone unconditionally – you don’t have to love everyone at all.

Still, the world would be a much happier place if everyone would do these few simple things. There would be less drama, less catfights, and a lot more relationships to go around.


Now I know that the word “trust” has been engraved into everyones minds as a sort of a verb, meaning “to believe that another person will never hurt you”, or even,“a sort of understanding in a relationship.” But trust is a lot more than that.

While it’s important to know that your boyfriend is honest and truly faithful, it’s equally as important to know that you can trust them with their own life. If he decides to confront his best friend about what happened last weekend and you think it should be left alone, try gently suggesting so instead of saying something like, “that’s a stupid idea” or threatening to get involved.

As much as you are part of it, it’s his life, and no one wants another person thrashing his decisions.


Cherish EVERYTHING about your special person. Even if she has bad days. Even if her living space is a wreck. Even if her family is nuts. Because even though you may pretend like these things don’t bother you now, it will only be harder to get out of the relationship the longer you wait. So either get out now, or learn to love these things that are a part of your special person without judgment.

Avoid Judgment.

We are human, and the first thing we do when we look at a person is make our own decisions about their life.

Scenario: you overheard your best friend on her phone yelling and arguing with her mom. You immediately roll your eyes and make some snarky comment (out loud or in your head) even though you did the same thing yesterday. Try sympathizing instead.

You don’t have to say anything at all in a situation like this. Just realize that everybody argues with their mom once in awhile, and it’s nothing to overanalyze. You don’t know what was happening on the other end of the line, and you don’t know what arguments have preceded that.

IF your friend wants your help, then give your advice without scrutinizing her for yelling. She’s still your friend, and she’s still great for all the reasons you first fell in love with her.

Love her without judgment. Love her unconditionally.

No Competition

Always be happy for your partner’s accomplishments. True love is never a competition. Your partner got a raise and you still work in the fast food industry? Your best friend just got engaged and you’re having boyfriend struggles? Be happy for them, knowing that they still support you. Just because you’re having a bad day, doesn’t mean that the person you love can’t understand that, and you are on your way to loving unconditionally.

What do you think?

These are just four tips, but no two people love the same way. The way that YOU are loved is likely the way that you will love others. But think of these things before you say something judgmental or unfair to someone you love! They just might help you.

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