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For some of us college girls, our 4 (or 5) years are coming to an end in

1. Buy more college apparel.

Cash in on any student discounts you can while you’re still on campus. You’ll probably find some of the best deals while you’re at school. And when you’re away from school wearing clothes with your college’s emblem will bring back happy memories.

2. Take more pictures.

Your personal pictures will make the best mementos of your time at school.

ECG Tip: If you take tons of pictures join an online photo sharing community, like Shutterfly. You can upload all your photos, so that they don’t take up space on your computer. This also makes sharing your photos with friends easier because you can direct them to your photo albums online.

3. Attend a lecture that is not yours.

I used to sit in on one of my boyfriend’s big lectures. It was a large enough lecture that I did not feel out of place. His professor was Italian and had the greatest accent. I actually sat in on the lecture so many times that I took a couple of their quizzes.

4. Take a walk of your campus at sun rise/midnight (your preference!).

Personally, I will always remember one night when I was walking back to my dorm around 1-2am on a school night. The campus just looked more magical and mysterious in the evening. And the sprinklers went on. I didn’t even know we had sprinklers!

ECG Essential!: If you choose to walk late at night be sure to bring a buddy. I do not want anyone getting hurt just because of something I suggested. Be smart!

5. Do random acts of kindness.

This can be as simple as holding the door open to a stranger. But try some random acts of kindness to your friends as well. Leave them little notes just telling them how awesome they are. After graduation you and your friends will be separated. Some will be harder to keep in touch with than others. So make sure to leave them some sweet things to remember you by.




6. Graduate in style

After you double check that everything is in order with your academic adviser and know that you are going to graduate, get excited! Plan your graduation outfit, organize a party with a signature drink, decorate your mortarboard (above photo credit), or take an impromptu road trip. Just do something to celebrate because this is a huge accomplishment!


What Do You Think?

When do you graduate? What are some things you still have to do before you graduate? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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