If you’re a forward thinker like me and summer is already on your mind, get your fix with a fashion preview of the season’s hottest new color trends. Think bright and bold, don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your beauty routine when it comes to nail polish colors!

Cobalt blue

Blues in general are always a great summer addition to your wardrobe, as they spark images of the ocean, the pool, the bright blue summer sky. Any bright blues from neons to cobalt blue are projected to be a big summer trend, so whether you go for a cobalt blue blazer or dress or just a pop of a cobalt blue clutch, you’ll turn heads with this bright blue hue.


A nice coral pink doesn’t have to be reserved for Spring! With a more wearable look than a bright fuchsia, coral includes a lot of orange tones that look great with gold accessories. For a night out, pair a coral top with a black skirt, black heels, and some gold bangles or a necklace and you’ll channel a pink summer sunset.


There are a range of citrus hues that will be on the forefront of summer fashion, ranging anywhere from a bright lemon color, to brilliant limes, even to a neon orange. If this side of the color wheel seems too jarring for you, it’s always a safe move to rock a pair of heels in one of these shades.


Fuchsia pink may seem like a summer color staple, and this summer is no different! A nice fuchsia hue it great to pair with black for contrast, and great polish color to rock. Statement necklaces in fuchsia also look bold and beautiful against a black dress or top.

Cherry red

It’s no myth that red is the first color that the eye perceives. So be the first one noticed as you walk into a room with a pop of bright cherry red! Whether it’s red shorts, a red dress or a cute top, red is complimentary of nearly every skin tone and works with a lot of different colors if you want to color block an outfit.

What do you think?

What is your favorite summer color? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Jewelry says:

    Cherry red is my favorite, I loved that color so much…:)

  2. avatar Anna Patrick says:

    Thank you! Absolutely

  3. avatar D.P says:

    Cobalt Blue is most definitely my summer color not only because it’s my favorite color but it’s a beautiful color to sport.

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