Every College Girl's Guide to Staying Classy

Every College Girl’s Guide to Staying Classy

Class is a rare thing to come across these days. What is class? Being classy does not mean you have to be boring, stuck up, rich, or any other unfortunate characteristic that has become associated...
4 Mantras To Unlock Your Inner Goddess

4 Mantras To Unlock Your Inner Goddess

Every girl has that inner Self, which knows boundless space, compassion, love, and energy: your inner goddess. Tapping into her ultimate wisdom, power, and self-love can help us grow, and help us to...
4 Best Ways To Look Your Best Without Makeup

4 Best Ways To Look Your Best Without Makeup

It’s almost summer, so the time of the year for less makeup and more of a bare face is getting closer! The natural look is great for a lot of reasons, mostly because...
How To... Be More Confident: A Reminder From A College Girl

How To… Be More Confident: A Reminder From A College Girl

There are a million reasons to love yourself, and as college girls we know that loving ourselves is the key to exuding that killer confidence that turns heads, drops jaws, and magnetically draws...

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