10 Ways To Handle Homesickness

10 Ways To Handle Homesickness

Update: We did an updated article on how to cope with homesickness at college 1. Schedule Visits Even if you’re so far away that the only time you’ll be heading home is for Christmas break,...
4 Genius Spring Cleaning Tricks To Keep You Organized This Semester

4 Genius Spring Cleaning Tricks To Keep You Organized This Semester

So it may not be spring just yet – but why not get a head start on your spring cleaning regimen with a few tips to get organized, get your room in immaculate...
Homesick? Here's How To Get Over It!

Homesick? Here’s How To Get Over It!

Everyone gets homesick, even if they don’t want to admit it! Being away from your comfy home, family, and familiar faces can be scary. Throw in intimidating surroundings and all new responsibilities, and...
Product Review: Magic Hangers

Product Review: Magic Hangers

Magic Hangers are basically black, plastic, cascading hangers. They provide a closet with more space and uniformity, allowing you to have a prettier closet (with more room for clothes). I received some Magic...
How to...Have a Fake-cation

How to…Have a Fake-cation

Not able to get away somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? You could commiserate and complain about the fact that you won’t be sunbathing in Dominican Republic for five days, or you...
Holiday Beauty: What to Pack for Home

Holiday Beauty: What to Pack for Home

Heading home this holiday season? If you are like me, you might think that bringing your entire makeup drawer with you is a good idea. I mean you never know when you might...
How to...Refresh Clothes in 10 Minutes Without Washing

How to…Refresh Clothes in 10 Minutes Without Washing

Don’t you hate it when you have an outfit all planned out in your head, fifteen minutes to throw it on, and you realize your top or jeans is at the bottom of your dirty...
How to...Backpack Across Europe, Pt.1: Packing

How to…Backpack Across Europe, Pt.1: Packing

Backpacking cross-country, roughing it, and having that once-in-a-lifetime-experience… sound familiar? Want to discover and explore England or Italy? Well, whether you’re hiking abroad, or packing light for a summer getaway, what you bring...

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