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3 Steps to Managing Social Life, Sleep, and School

On my first day of college as a nervous, awkward freshman, my professor told me “Social life, good grades, sleep … Pick two.” These are probably three of the most crucial necessities in a college...
4 New Year's Resolutions To Borrow This Year

4 New Year’s Resolutions To Borrow This Year

By this point in the month we’ve already heard them all – losing weight, going to the gym more often, being more organized. 2013 does not have to be another one of “those”...
Best Ways To Give And Show Love... To Yourself

Best Ways To Give And Show Love… To Yourself

With finals coming up and the last few weeks of the semester closing in on us, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the midst of it all… the papers, exams, and...
How To... Get Ready Faster In The Morning

How To… Get Ready Faster In The Morning

As college girls, we’re no strangers to that Friday morning rush to class. Or some weeks it’s the every day rush to class. But regardless, these quick tips streamline your morning routine to...
How To... Get Better Sleep

How To… Get Better Sleep

As college girls, we know how crucial sleep can be. It makes a different in almost every aspect of our lives, not to mention our overall health and well being. But sleep can...
4 Ways To Be The Best You: In The Morning

4 Ways To Be The Best You: In The Morning

There you are, in the midst of an amazing dream, when suddenly you hear it – the dreaded blaring beep of your alarm. And there you find yourself, warm in your bed, thrown...
Why You Should + How To Get a Better Night's Sleep

Why You Should + How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of those precious commodities we all wish we could have more of. It may be super important to your health, but most people put getting the right amount of sleep...
How to...Reduce Dark Circles

How to…Reduce Dark Circles

Whether they’re stress-induced, or simply an unfortunate result of genetics, nobody likes the look of dark circles under their eyes. Luckily, as one of the many college girls who suffer from hereditary dark...

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