Spring Break

At-Home Exercises To Get The Perfect Spring Break Beach Booty

At-Home Exercises To Get The Perfect Spring Break Beach Booty

You can sense it in campus gyms across the country: Spring Break exercise fever. Our bikinis have been hibernating, but hopefully your workout routine hasn’t been! Even if it has, not to fear – this...
What to Wear: Spring Break

What to Wear: Spring Break

Midterms are almost over and it’s time for Spring Break! Whether that means you’re going on a cruise or just going back home to visit family, here’s how you can dress your best.   Look...
How To... Stay Healthy On Spring Break

How To… Stay Healthy On Spring Break

What’s not to love about spring break? The sun, the break from school, the travel, the food. But the last two don’t have to cancel out your previous weeks of spring break preparations....
How To... Pack Light

How To… Pack Light

Whether you’re jetting off to some exotic location or traveling back home, spring break packing doesn’t have to seem more daunting than midterms. Packing light may seem like the Goliath of trip planning,...
How to...Have a Fake-cation

How to…Have a Fake-cation

Not able to get away somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? You could commiserate and complain about the fact that you won’t be sunbathing in Dominican Republic for five days, or you...
Spring Break Prep Guide

Spring Break Prep Guide

Heading somewhere warm this spring break? Well, I set aside my jealous for long enough to offer you a few tips and tricks for prepping to make sure your vacation is nothing but...

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