Piggy bank

ECG challenge: Can you earn money online?

Since we’re a few months into the semester, a lot of college girls (myself included!) would love a way to boost their money situation a little. I’ve recently been hearing from friends and...
How to...Keep Your Resolutions

How to…Keep Your Resolutions

Now that you’ve had a few days to think about them, hopefully you’ve decided which resolutions are really important to you.  This is a list of free websites that will hopefully make your...
How To...Save Money While at College

How To…Save Money While at College

When you live at home with your parents, there aren’t many things you’re responsible for buying. When you go to college, that all quickly changes. Suddenly, there are a million and a half things you...
4 Ways to Chill Out

4 Ways to Chill Out

The beginning of a school year can be very stressful. Trying to figure out a routine that let’s you balance school work, part time jobs, working out, and a social life can leave...
4 Habits You Should Start Adopting in College

4 Habits You Should Start Adopting in College

  It’s so easy to fall into bad habits during college when there’s no one to pester you to go to class, get to bed early, eat right, and all the other things...

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