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We know it can be hard to stay cheerful as we bid farewell to yet another sweet summer, but we’re hoping today’s post can help you deal. The fall season is now upon us and we know this means it’s time for change, not just in the color of the leaves, but also to our wardrobes! While it’s true that some looks most certainly have a season, we’re here to help you transition some of our favorite summer styles into fabulous fall outfits.

casualLook #1 – The Casual So-Cal Gal

It’s comfy, it’s cute and when the sun was shining it kept us cool. So how can we transition this casual tank and jean short combo into something fit for fall? Try wearing it with great a knee-length knit sweater, preferably with a big floppy hood. Add some comfy slipper-like boots and a pair of cute printed tights to complete the look and stay comfortably warm as temperatures start to drop.casual fall


crop and skirtLook # 2 – Our Favorite Floral Crop

We know you’re not ready to tuck your favorite crop-top away into that cardboard box marked “Summer” in the back of your closet just yet, and you shouldn’t have to! Until the snow flies who says you can’t show a little skin? First off, ditch the flip-flops and find yourself a cute pair of pumps or closed-toe flats. Next, add a pretty accent scarf but stay away from anything too heavy or wintery like wool. It’s not that cold yet! Finally, complete the look with a soft and cozy cascading shawl cardigan.Fall Crop


summer dressLook # 3 – That Sexy Sundress

Some sundresses are just too great to be confined to only one season! Transition yours easily into a sexy fall dress simply by adding a few accents! A braided leather belt makes a great accessory for fall, as do matching leather boots of course! We prefer something tall with a heel, but shorter flats would work nicely as well. Finally, throw on a short denim jacket to complete the look.fall dress



What Do You Think?

Are there other fall accessories you would add to any of the outfits we put together? Do you have a favorite summer outfit that you’ve transformed for fall? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. avatar Grace says:

    Great outfit inspirations hope to use all of them. SOO GOOD for most of my clothing because they are for summer.

  2. avatar Jeremy says:

    Lots of great looking outfits on campus this year, and these would definitely count!

  3. wooo wonderful article.

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