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It’s summertime: time to pull out the remains of your student loan (joking, of course) and buy that new spring/summer wardrobe. Crawling the mall is always an option, but it’s often easy to end up with the same pieces as everyone else when you shop there, plus unless you scourer the clearance rack (which will often be filled with out-of-season essentials) you’re probably not going to get that great of a deal (and we all know how much college students love deals).

One of the best ways for anyone to update their summer wardrobe is to plunk down somewhere air conditioned, with free wifi, and their laptop to head online. Not only can you find deals that are not available in store, but you also might find an item that was not available when you checked out the mall. But, my favorite part of online shopping are online exclusive stores, ones where there are no flagship locations. Yes, there is the downside of not getting to try on items before you purchase them, but many have a fair return policy which turns shopping into as low risk as heading to the local mall with some girlfriends. Here are our picks for the top 6 online stores you’re not shopping at, but should be:


monikapolitan.comis a self described “affordable and independent online boutique for guyz and girlz”. Their ‘Closet’ section allows anyone to find a great deal on many items that were only lightly used for photoshoots or events, and are now being resold for super cheap! I think all the items on this site are super affordable, and they ship worldwide (though only orders in the United States qualify for free shipping on orders over $75). I was also really impressed with their vintage and apartment items selection. If you’re like me and love cutsy, girly things including–but not limited to–fake food and animals, then you’ll want to fill your dorm room/apartment with these as well.
Every College Girl Pick: Cupcake Candles, $5

Fred Flare

Another favorite site of mine to browse is Though I’m sure many people have heard of this online shop, as it has been featured in many popular magazines and on various other websites, I really have to wonder if anyone actually buys anything from here because I have never seen anyone wearing the Twilight Jacket, and one would think this item would be selling like hot cakes. They also sell a wide selection of items for both men, women and the home. I’m also a fan of their journals and notebooks, they are the perfect gift (except no one in my family seems to have gotten the hint yet).
Every College Girl Pick: Twilight Jacket, $66

Cutesy Girl

cutesygirl.comis an online store that always seems to be having sales, and with the shop by size, colour, style and price and more options it makes finding exactly what you’re looking for a snap! Want a pair of 4 inch pumps for less than $25?  You’ll find a pair here. Unlike the past two stores, this store deals with women’s clothing only, but it’s great for the college girl.
Every College Girl Pick: Platform Pumps, $23

Coastal Scents

If you’re a fan of Michelle Phan, then you’ve probably already visited for their makeup palettes. I understand Mac and Urban Decay have awesome eyeshadow palettes, with a wide range of colours, but you can’t beat 88 in one palette for only $18.95! They also sell other makeup, but the eyeshadow palettes are really where it’s at.
Every College Girl Pick: 88 Warm Palette, $25

Urban Original

urban original ( is another great online store. I like the items featured here quite a lot, and I like the denim prices even more. The style of some of the items is questionable (I don’t think I’ll be testing out the these any time soon) but there are plenty of everyday wear items which I would love to be sporting on campus.
Every College Girl Pick: One-Shoulder Ruffle Top, $17


Lastly, is probably the most versatile online shop on this list clothing wise. They carry anything and everything from regular tanks for men and women, to designer leopard-print jeans. They also have a great blog system which allows its shoppers to post about what’s on their fashion radar. The outlet section has prices starting at about £8 (which comes to about $7 US). I also adore the little child models used for their children’s clothing, they are absolutely adorable (look out for animated pictures of them modeling)!
Every College Girl Pick: Sequin Sunset Vest Dress, $94 (Katy Perry Approved!!)
Overall, the internet has a huge bundle of stores with stylish and affordable clothing available around the globe (but you knew that already). Wearing the same AA or aerie outfits as everyone else really cannot be excused any longer. Happy shopping!

What Do You Think?

Where are your favourite online stores to shop? Did you find some new favourites today? Leave a comment and let me know!

P.S. This is my first post here, and I am super excited to keep writing!
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  1. Sarah says:

    I also love — you can call them on the phone for free shopping help :D

  2. Meagan says:

    I also love RG Boutique. You can shop with them via facebook or on their website and shipping is $5 flat rate and free on orders over $100.

    Here is their link :)

  3. Nishat says:

    <3 all of these!!

  4. Bridget says:

    great post! i <3 the lil cupcake candles. so adorable!!

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