When it comes to holiday shopping, some people are great gift givers and some people wander the mall for hours indecisive on what to buy. It gets especially confusing when we have lists of people to shop for like parents, siblings, friends and significant others. We have good news: you can save the time and stress of holiday shopping with one fashionable product!


The Busy Girl Bangle is the perfect gift for any woman. Every girl knows someone who wears a hair tie on their wrist. From your mom to your girlfriends, everyone will appreciate the practicality of the hair tie designed into the bracelet. Not only is it convenient, the Busy Girl Bangle is a great addition to any outfit. This bracelet adds to your look for the office, shopping or happy hour. It comes in gold, silver and rose gold and can easily be stacked with other bracelets.


Don’t worry about spending hours roaming the mall or standing in line. The Busy Girl Bracelet is affordable, available at one easy location and the perfect gift for any woman in your life. Follow @gogirldesigns on Instagram for updates on promotions and stop by the Go Girl website to get your perfect stocking stuffers!

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