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Whether or not you are willing to admit it, Pretty Little Liars is one of those addicting shows that take us back to high school while still keep us wanting more. If anything, just watch for their makeup and fashion choices. With a new season premiering in January, we are looking at a full month ahead of us of marathons and catching up on seasons past on Hulu. But why not nix the guilt of spending your day on a fluffy television marathon – get your workout in while you’re at it! This workout is to be done while watching an episode of PLL. Break a sweat, and get one step closer to finding out who really killed Allison DeLaurentis.

Think of this as a drinking game-style workout.


When someone receives a text from “A”

  • Do 30 jumping jacks


When someone says “Ali’s murder”

  • Do 20 Russian twists


When Garret is mentioned

  • Do 5 star jumps


When someone uses their cellphone

  • Do 10 squats


When you see “A’s” black gloves or hoodie

  • Do 5 push-ups


When Hannah is shopping

  • Hold a plank until she walks out of the store


When Spencer is researching

  • Hold a V-Sit until she is done


When there is a Maya flashback

  • Do 5 glute kickbacks


And as always, don’t forget to cool down with lots of water and stretching!



What do you think?

What do you think of this workout? Do you watch PLL? Share with us in the comments section below.



Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Alexis says:

    You should do something for the opening

  2. Lise says:

    So you are basically doing squats the entire episode. Haha. Love the idea

  3. Steven says:

    It’s back! Your favorite sitcom, Pretty Little Liars, is set to return to small screen this January. Serving as a style guide for many and addiction for all, the new season promises to take you back to your high school days! Enjoy.

  4. Arpita says:

    hahah!! hilarious!! a PLL fan,n I never thought about workng out this way..kool idea! please do an article on their makeup n hairstyles too.

  5. Rosa says:

    Love this! Awesome idea!

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