Jersey Shore Theme Party

Nothing says college like a good theme party, so I’m going to start featuring posts on some fun theme party ideas. Submit your own and let’s get the party started! Today: Jersey Shore!


Chips and dip won’t cut it for this party. In order to prep your stomach for a night of heavy drinking, stock up on the carbs. Make a baked pasta dish and spoon it out in large portions for everyone to enjoy pre-party, Italian family style.


Every good party needs a signature drink. Skip the keg and mix up a big batch of Ron-Ron Juice, named for Jersey Shore star Ronnie. In a blender, add vodka, watermelon juice (or chunks of watermelon if you don’t feel like pressing the fruit first), cherries (pitted), cranberry juice, and ice. Blend well until combined. Add extra vodka as necessary (or unnecessary, whatever). Serve in a red plastic cup.

Jersey Shore Pool Party


This is the fun part. No one gets through the door without a smoking guido or guidette costume. Think Ed Hardy, tiny skirts, sunglasses, and of course, huge hair. The more over-the-top, the better. Have everyone vote for the best costume: winner gets a free shot of Patrone, courtesy of the rest of the party.


If things start to dwindle down, get the party going again with a game. Try a “bowl of questions” as seen on Jersey Shore (everyone writes down a question, throw the questions in a bowl, pick & answer), or how about getting dirty with some spin-the-bottle, or testing your drunken coordination with a make your own game of pin the shirt on the situation (print off a photo of the whole gang, as big as you can manage. Print off a separate sheet of paper with a bunch of little wife-beaters, and try to cover the famous abs blindfolded.)


Get in the mood with the appropriate tunes. Think house music and club beats. If Pauly D would pump his fist, it’s approved!

What Do You Think?

Do you like theme parties? Would you ever have a Jersey Shore party? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. avatar Irina says:

    haha i totally wanna do this for my birthday!! :D thanks!

  2. avatar Alyssa says:

    My friend had a Jersey Shore themed bday party and it was awesome! Everyone was excessively bronzed with spiked or super high hair ;)

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