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Don’t know what you’re doing for the summer yet? Worried about what potential employers will say when they see a “blank” summer?

Never fear! Even though summer has already started, there’s still a chance you can find something to write about in all your future cover letters!

1). If you’re looking for an internship, start with your college counselor and your college’s career website. There will often be last-minute internships you can apply for listed on the website, and your college academic advisor might have some ideas that will be of use. You could also try connecting with alumni on LinkedIn and messaging them (as politely as possible) for any help. Don’t be afraid to reach out! You’ll need to be extremely thorough if you want to land something ASAP!

2) Rebuild your resume. Get someone else to help you with it; a parent, a friend, brother, sister, anyone knowledgeable.  Sometimes resumes just need to be freshened up a bit before they’ll be picked up by someone!

3) Become the perfect interviewee. Know what kinds of questions will be asked (such as “why do you want to work here?” and “what makes you stand out?”) and how exactly to answer them. Don’t be nervous during these interviews! When you’re young, employers have to rely more on your personality than on your experience or skills (or lack thereof).

4) Build your own “internship.” Pose a question, start a business, volunteer for a campaign or charity, do your own market research and find someone to supervise. Show your entrepreneurial or intellectually curious side that will make you stand out from other applicants next year.

5) Couldn’t find/don’t want to find an internship? Fine, but try to do something that will make you shine when you’re being interviewed. There is no shame in working in an ice cream parlor for the summer, it shows that you aren’t afraid to get down and dirty to build experience and are a hard worker. Be a camp counselor, waitress; etc. Anything that shows you want to work (I know that’s not often true, but wouldn’t you want to hire someone who wanted to work?)


Good luck and have a good summer!!!!!

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