As college girls, we like to capitalize on efficiency. In that spirit, with Halloween celebrations upon us I took it upon myself to scour the YouTube beauty community for the best makeup tutorials to get you through the next two weekends. I opted for half costume-specific looks and half non-specific looks, so no matter what look you’re going for you might want to take a look at these before dolling yourself up for some tricks and treats.

#1: Dark Plum Smokey Eye Halloween Makeup by SMLX0

Check out the tutorial here.

I have been a fan of Stephanie’s channel for awhile now, and I highly recommend it for makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty advice. This particular look won me over when it comes to Halloween makeup because I think it will look great with anything. If you have a non-specific costume and you have some freedom with makeup, this dark and sultry look is a great option that can work for just about anything.

#2: Mermaid Halloween Makeup by Carlibel55

Check out the tutorial here.

Carlibel55 is another beauty vlogger I would recommend, because I think her videos are great, well put together, and I can’t get enough of the quotes she puts in the beginning of each video! Not to mention, I get almost all of her intro songs stuck in my head to the point where they have to be downloaded.

But when it comes to a great makeup tutorial, this video has all of the elements of a perfectly achievable and fun Halloween look. I think this look can also be versatile, if you’re going as a fairy, angel, or anything with an ethereal edge this is a look that will get you a lot of looks.

#3: Marilyn Monroe Skull Face by SMLX0

Check out the tutorial here.

Again, I can’t say enough about this girl’s tutorials. I love the way she mixes drugstore products and high end makeup, and I think all of her looks are achievable and realistic for a range of makeup skill levels.

I thought that this particular look was great because it’s fun, it’s unique, and they way she breaks it down it looks relatively easy to achieve while making it look like you got your makeup professionally done. What more could a college girl ask for?

#4: Halloween Cat Makeup by RamonaXoXo

Check out the tutorial here

I chose this cat makeup tutorial by RamonaXoXo because I think it works for just about any cat related costume you might be wearing this Halloween: cat woman, a leopard, a cougar, a panther, or a regular black cat. Bottom line, if you’re subscribing to the feline frenzy this Halloween then this tutorial will work for you. Plus, it’s cute without being too over the top, with maybe the exception of the contacts. But whether you dress it up or just stick with the eye makeup, this tutorial is a go-to for the cat-friendly.

What do you think?

What do you think of these tutorials? What are you going to be for Halloween? What are your other favorite YouTube looks? Share with us in the comments section below.

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