For most of us the time has finally arrived for us to pack up and move for the summer. Beginning to pack can seem like such a long and tedious process, but here are a few things to make it stress free and even somewhat fun!


This is probably the most important part of the packing process. Being college students we aren’t always the neatest, but being organized will save you a huge amount of time. Start with one section at a time. This way things do not get lost or forgotten when you have to unpack. For example, when packing up your closet try and keep everything together such as all your jeans and leggings in one bag and sweatshirts in another. By doing this the dreadful unpacking process will be quick, easy, and almost painless.

ECG Tip: Buy some ziplock bags and use them for small things that you want to keep together. For instance, if you have a wireless mouse or other cords for your computer, wrap them up and put them in a bag. Then when you unpack your computer and the bag, all those items will be ready to go.


As girls we have trouble throwing things away and letting go. This can relate to almost anything in your life, but it is very important in packing. No one likes clutter especially if you are moving home for the summer. It seems to be the number one thing all mothers hate! Keep this in mind. If you are not going to use it, or it has not been used GET RID OF IT. This process of eliminating will also make the organizing process ten times easier. I know most of you are probably thinking that you have an emotional attachment to all your things, but it is okay to get rid of what is not so important. Your closet can always use some cleaning out. I am sure that almost each and every one of you has some shirts in there that were bought for “going out,” and I promise that you will never wear them again.

ECG Tip: Remember… The more you throw out, the less you will have to pack.

Make It Fun!

Find a Packing Buddy: Packing is a dreadful and unpleasant chore to most of us, but if you recruit some friends, it can turn into a fun afternoon. You may think packing alone will be quicker, but in reality your friends will push you along to get it done. Doing it as a group or just with your best girlfriend will allow you to reminisce about all the fun times you had during the year and plan your visits over the summer.

Listen to Music: The one item that is going to make this whole process a whole lot easier is music. By listening to some upbeat music it will allow you to pick up the pace and get packing over with as soon as possible. And remember not everything about leaving college has to be sad make it fun and create new memories!

Check out our ECG article about finding new music to help make your packing experience more fun.

What Do You Think?

Do you have any packing horror stories that you want to share? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. My sugguestion is to pack only the essentials and things that you wear everyday and ship your extra makeup. Also makeup can tend to be heavy when packing so the lighter the better. The easiest way to pack makeup is by safely wrapping it individually with tissues or something padded and then packing it tightly in a makeup bag. By doing this you will eliminate breakage of any powders or products that may not be brand new. And always pack everything in a plastic bag incase there are any spills. Hope this helps!

  2. avatar Cindy says:

    Any thoughts on how to get makeup across the country with my things? I’m going on a hiking trip before move-in. Other than that, everything is being shipped for me. Makeup could spoil from the heat if mailed and I don’t want to buy replacements! Thanks :)

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