Hey guys, here is the first in an on-going series of posts titles Truth & Darewhere I will take a recent news story (I am an aspiring journalist, after all) and discuss it (this is the “truth” part). Then I provide a “dare” of something for you to try out. Feedback on these posts would be especially appreciated. We can discuss (and possibly debate) current affairs, as well as share our own experiences if we choose to do the “dare”. So comments=love ♥

Truth: The online dating site, beautifulpeople.com , uses a user-voting system to “weed-out” the ugly people trying to join. Users create a trial profile, with mandatory photos, and current users vote over a 48 hour period whether the tril user is beautiful or not. If they are, they’re in and can use the service. If they aren’t, they’re booted off and can only look at all the beautiful people they are not allowed to hang out with.

As if the whole idea of this site wasn’t shallow, disgusting, and elitist enough, recently the site booted off several current members because they gained weight over the holidays. Unapologetic site founder, Robert Hintze, explained “letting  fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.”

I can’t imagine what would make anyone want to join this site, whether they consider themselves “beautiful” or not. We all struggle enough with the pressures of a highly superficial society, and try our best to remember the importance of inner beauty in all people. Beauty is also so subjective, I can’t imagine the “standard” on the website is the same that other people use when looking for a partner. Furthermore, with the use of makeup, lighting, and re-touching, can anyone really tell what the people on this site look like from their photos? It all seems like a bad joke to me, didn’t they ever see the movie Shallow Hal? (oh, yeah, no one did).

Dare: In protest against this sad excuse for a dating website, why not reclaim some of your own natural beauty by spending a day not wearing makeup. Even better, emphasize your inner beauty by helping a someone out today: carry the books for that girl with crutches, buy lunch for your friend who forgot her wallet, or just smile at everyone you see.

Outer beauty fades over time and can be change by all sorts of external factors. Inner beauty, however, shines on the rest of your life, something every college girl should know.

Truth & Dare


  1. avatar jnala says:

    sometimes i thing im ugly cause people keep staring at me alot

  2. avatar Lisa says:

    Beauty is not about you. It’s about how others react to you. Think about it.

  3. avatar Vincent says:

    The idea of this site,is toally fake.For one reason if you pay for a membership nobody needs to voting you in order to use all the service of the site.

  4. avatar miku says:

    That is just horrible, what a tremendously stupid & shallow website.

  5. avatar Alana says:

    Very cool idea!

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