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You have likely heard the rumours that Megan Fox needed a thumb-double to film certain parts of her Superbowl commercial for Motorola. During the close-ups of Megan texting, it is actually another actress’s hands. The advertisers chose to use a thumb-double because Megan has brachydactyly, a genetic condition that causes her thumbs to be shortened, also known as “toe thumb” or “clubbed thumb” because of the stubby appearance.

Since the rumours were confirmed, the media has jumped on the story, and scrambled for photos of her subtle imperfection. It seems that people take pleasure in the idea that someone who is hailed as being a perfect 10 in beauty, has a less-than-desirable aspect to her. It is comforting to people to know that the stars who seem like gods and goddesses on earth really are human, like us, after all.

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Rather than using this as an opportunity to rip on Megan Fox and try to pick her apart, why not use it to recognize that everyone has imperfections. Imperfections make us human, they make us real, and they make us beautiful.

My dare for this week is to look at what you may consider imperfections in yourself and start to recognize them as unique and beautiful. Start to take pride in what makes you special and quirky, rather than being embarrassed and trying to hide it. Remember that high fashion models are usually selected for their unique qualities (and the fact that they’re tall and skinny). A thicker eyebrow, a gap in your teeth, a birth mark, these are all features you can find on couture runways because modelling agencies seek out girls that don’t look like the picture-perfect mold, they want girls that are unique. Also remember that even girls who we assume are flawless, like Megan Fox, all have little imperfections of their own.

Try to remember when looking at yourself, and at the people around you, that if you have the right frame of mind, imperfections will only add to beauty, and not take away from it. Celebrate the things that make you different and compliment your friends on the things that make them different. Take some time to appreciate how beautiful and unique you truly are. Something every college girl should know. 


  1. avatar Hannah says:

    i have a toe thumb, but to be completely honest i didn’t even know it was such an imperfection, i embrace mine. although it is pretty funny to look at, i don’t think it is fair to pick on megan fox.

  2. avatar Sara says:

    This is grosse

  3. avatar Sari says:

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with her thumb. Most people’s fingers are divinely shaped in the first place… I agree, people are silly to focus on that little imperfection.

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