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Whether it’s spring break, summer break or winter break, inevitably the time will come when you are occupied school life leaves you in dire need of a vacation! Hopping on a plane every few weeks to escape to some tropical paradise would most certainly interfere with your busy school schedule, but at least once during your college years you have to experience a serious vacation destination! Here are our top five reasons why that destination should be Cancun Mexico.


Number one is obviously, THE BEACHES! There are over 20 miles of this coastline of white sand beaches that is looking more beautiful as all of those pictures you see. The ivory white sand and the water are really that turquoise color.

Number two is the bar scene. There are bamboo bars, world-famous nightclubs and luxury resort’s galore. Pretty much everyone you meet is there to party right along with you. You wouldn’t even be able to make it to all the great nightlife places that Cancun has to offer in just one trip, so it’s definitely the place to be if venue variety is for you!

Number three is the affordability factor. We are college students, after all, so obviously we’re working on a budget. Cancun is one of the most popular travel destination’s airfare is actually pretty cheap. Especially if you book through sites like Falcon Holidays! You can check this out what it’d cost you for a week in paradise!

Number four is the variety of activities available to you while you’re there. If you’re less into the bar scene and not one for just laying on the beach all day, you still definitely won’t be bored! There’s amazing reef snorkeling, a variety of sea and wildlife to observe, ancient ruins to explore and surfing.

Finally, our number five reason to visit Cancun for your college get away is the shopping! There’s a huge shopping center right by the city’s hotel zone called Kukulcan Plaza and also nearby are the chic fashion stores of Playa del Carmon. There are endless local crafts, the arts and food markets to browse day and night.

So when you and your college roommates, start talking about the big vacation getaway. Don’t forget to tell them all about Cancun Mexico!

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