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Remember ladies, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about us. Well, it kind of is, but it doesn’t have to be. Show your man how much you appreciate him for all of the things that make him who he is with a gift that’s unique, funny, romantic, or just plain fun – just like him.


Start off the night by playing a game, strip cooking anyone?

What better way to start off the night with a little competitive fun to get your endorphins flowing – and if it turns into a night in, who’s complaining? If you’re making dinner at home, sex it up with a little strip cooking: spread as many ingredients as you want on the counter, and turn your kitchen into an Iron Chef showdown by challenging your man to use as many ingredients as he can while still keeping the dish edible. The same ingredients apply to you, and every ingredient not used counts as one article of clothing that must be removed. Bon appétit!


Couple’s massages

The classic win-win: he gets a great massage… and you get to go too! Couple’s massages can often be found at a discounted rate for Valentine’s Day specials, and nothing combines a romantic and sexy vibe like a little rub down. Either way, seeing him relaxing in the spa robe and slippers will be worth it in itself.


Hide an old school valentine somewhere he’ll stumble across it

And when I say old school, I’m talking about those kindergarten, cut out valentines with a cartoon character on the front, a corny saying, and a clip on lollipop. Hide it anywhere he is likely to find it for a sweet surprise during the day. Best locations include, but are not limited to: his wallet, his jacket or pants pocket, in his fridge… get creative!


Customize your gift

If you already have a gift in mind, take it up a few thousand notches on the sentimental scale by adding a personal touch or getting it engraved. Engravings can include more than just his name, add in a personal message that only the two of you would understand, or quotes or lyrics that mean something special for you both. If you’re looking for a completely customizable gift, sites like Uncommon Goods and Etsy offer one of a kind gift ideas, including personalized cuff links or necklaces filled with sand from a specific beach from almost anywhere in the world where you two may have visited, or are planning on visiting! See below.


Plan an adventure together

Love grows through adventure. Whether it’s sailing lessons, a road trip, a hiking trip, or even a picnic, explore together. Pick something neither of you have ever done, or at least something that you have never done together, and make some memories that will strengthen your bond even more while showing him how much you enjoy his company – that is largely what the holiday is about, after all.


Tickets to his favorite team’s game

Captivate your man’s inner sports fanatic by getting tickets for an upcoming game of his favorite team. Not only do you get to join in on the fun and look cute in his team’s gear, but he’ll love the effort you made to cheer on his team by his side – whether you know all the rules or not.


Date night in a box

Valentine’s day is on a Tuesday this year, and for most couples that means celebrating on the weekend, but why not give him something to open to prepare for the big night? Customize a “date night in a box” by wrapping up all of the essentials for your next night in: 3 DVDs (one you love, one he loves, and one you both have never seen), candy or popcorn with an array of seasonings and toppings, your favorite board game, and some awesome memory foam slippers you will never get him to part from. Customize the box with whatever a night in means for you two.



What do you think?

What are you getting the man in your life for Valentine’s Day? Did you make any special Valentine’s Day plans? Leave us a comment in the comments section below!


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    Excellent guide for valentine’s day gifts. Now I am sure this coming valentine’s day will be a great fun. Thanks

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    what i think is really good for any occasion gift for him is watch and perfume

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    I enjoy reading your tips here.What gets my attention is the “Strip cooking”
    this seem a great tips. I will definitely try this for my hubby.

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    I LOVE THIS! omg, I am single this year but I know I will try these in the future. I like the strip cooking, and Valentine’s day in a box:) This site is amazing!

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