Sweater Chick

Before you start worrying about classes, projects, and professors you’re probably facing a much more pressing concern: What to wear to your first day of classes? While sweats and a tank may end up being your go to look as the year progresses, at least you can look your best on day one/the whole fall season. After all, you can only make one first impression! And who doesn’t look to pull out boots and big comfy sweaters. Here are three of our favorite back to school looks this fall.

outfit3Classic Casual

You really can’t go wrong with jeans and a pretty top. It’s comfy, simple, and a safe pick for your first day of classes. Plus you can easily add a bright scarf and some cute wedges to dress it up . Pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun to complete the look. It’s a great look and it won’t appear like your trying to hard.

outfit1Trendy Casual

Printed tights and long tunic top is a great cozy look for fall. Add either a simple long beaded necklace or statement piece to match the theme of your outfit, such as the picture. Complete the look with an over-the-shoulder fringe suede bag and matching comfy flats and bam you have a killer look.

outfit2Sparkle Chique

Really get noticed in this jean dress with a dash of sparkle. The best part is it’s dressy without being over-the-top! A cute headband and a chunky necklace are the perfect accessories. Match a pretty scarf with your pumps to give your outfit a really unified feeling!

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