Lazy days: they happen to the best of us. In between classes, work, friends, clubs, a girl gets worn down! There will be those days you’re so drained in the morning, you can hardly focus on your classes – let alone deciding an outfit to wear! Don’t let yourself fall victim to the “I grabbed this out of the hamper-jeans-and-hoodie” look though. Check out the tips and sample outfits below to look chic even on your lazy days!

A few quick tips:

  • Stick with basics – just punch them up a little! A fun color, an interesting texture, anything unique will take your basic from “meh” to “WOW!”
  • Stick to one color palette. This makes choosing your outfit much easier.
  • Avoid flip-flops. This is just a personal, general rule of mine. Flip-flops are shower shoes. And on a lazy day, they will make you look exactly that: lazy.
  • When you can, go dark on the bottom. Darker colors are slimming and chic.
  • Go loose, but keep your proportions in mind. There’s nothing better on a lazy day than a “Thanksgiving shirt.” (You know, the kind of shirt you wear on Thanksgiving so when you eat so much your tummy sticks out, it’s not obvious.) Pair a loose top with fitted (or short) bottoms.
  • Accessorize! Just because you’re not feeling your best is no reason to not throw on that pretty bangle or those stunning earrings. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to wear them!

Hot Days:

Here, we started with a color palette of red and brown. Brown, paper-bag shorts are cute and comfortable because they’re loose, yet feminine. If you wear a graphic tee, try to wear something cute, like this adorable owl. (Avoid the cliche slogans, the Team Edward, etc etc) Tucking it into the shorts gave another hint of femininity.  Red, ruffled flats are perfect for walking, and a pretty turban headband tames your hair. Add a pretty gold bangle as a final touch – the skulls on this one toughen up this super-sweet look!

Cool Days:

Here, we started with a pretty neutral color palette – gray and black. A pink tank was added underneath for just a pop of color. Dark denim jeggings are the perfect combination of stretchy, comfortable, and fashionable. Throw a loose sweater on top to keep you warm. Add warm boots (yes, UGGs…but try them in a black, rather than the ever-popular chestnut.) and a pearl necklace and bracelet for finishing touches.

When dressing for your lazy, you don’t have to become a college bum! Save the sweats and messy hair for a night in your room. Just remember, you never know you could meet – even on your off day!

What Do You Think?

What are your lazy day go-to’s? How do you stay comfy without looking like a slob? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar Kay says:

    I absolutely love the second look. Here is my problem though, I am a total sports girl. I wake up and throw some sweats on… Lace up my running shoes and throw another pair of pants and a tshirt in my backpack and head for school. In between classes, I workout and then shower and put on the other outfit I had. I need help, my style is absolutely boring because I just like to be comfortable. When I saw sweats I don’t mean like gray boy sweats but like the Nike womens yoga pants, and my outfit that I throw on after is always a vneck and some Hudson jeans… I usually wear flip flops though and I want to break this habit. I just want to be pretty in my attire and don’t know how to. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m sick of looking like an athlete all the time, I;m 18 and want to get ready for life after school. This is an awesome site btw! Thanks!!

  2. avatar Annie says:

    I love the second look.

  3. avatar Irina says:

    Wow I def love this! today was a lazy day for me and i was thinking “ahhh what do I wear?” and then I see this post and its perfect! I like the second one better since its cold her and I’ll try to recreate it :)

  4. avatar Charlotte says:

    that first outfit is absolutely gorgeous!!
    i just wrote an article for my college newspaper on my hatred of sweatpants outside of the gym and this complements it perfectly!!
    i always have casual sundays- i go to the gym in the morning so i have to force myself to throw something on for the rest of the day.
    i definitely agree about accessories and colour splashes though!!
    fab post :]]]]]


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