The holiday season is almost upon us! This means – what else? – holiday shopping! Whether you’re shopping for others or for yourself, use this handy guide to make sure you’re comfortable all day when you’re rushing in and out of stores and through the crazy crowds!

Hot Days:

Yes, you Northern folk, some us are still suffering through ninety-degree days even though it’s October. (I envy you who have snow already!) So what’s a Southern girl to do? (Or any girl during the summer?) Try out this idea!

We started here with a bright blue ruffled top that matches one of the blues found in the flirty skirt. Then, we added a gray blazer (for more structure to this otherwise floaty outfit) and dark blue flats. The blue in the flats matches the darker blue in the skirt, and they’re super cute. You can’t go wrong with satin and pearls! Keep jewelry to a minimum. We didn’t add any here, not only because there’s already a lot going on in the outfit, but because jewelry can make it even harder to try on clothes.

Things to Remember:

  • Go for easy on, easy off. Those dressing rooms tend to be small anyway, so the less moving around you have to do to get dressed, the better! (You’ll have more space to bring in more clothes!)
  • Choose comfort. A day of marathon shopping is not the time to break out your six-inch heels, your mini-skirts, or your brand new bandage top.
  • Remember to bring leggings and a cami. Use the cami to judge a top’s sheerness or length, and you can use the leggings to judge if something that’s just a liiiiittle too short would be more modest when worn with leggings or tights.

Cold Days:

The lucky ones who actually experience cold weather in autumn and winter can testify as to how frustrating it can be when you’re hopping in and out of layers and layers of clothes just to try on a top. Luckily, since you’ll be indoors mostly, you can ditch some of the layers in favor a lighter look – but you don’t have to freeze! Try something like this:

Here, we started with very classic, very feminine pieces: a red, button-up blouse with a bow and gray plaid shorts. Then, for warmth, we added a pair of long, thick leggings. I like leggings in place of tights because, if your leggings are long enough and tuck into your boots, nobody can tell the difference, and they’re definitely warmer than tights! We added a classic black peacoat (this one is wool, so it’s extra-warm,) and topped it off with a pair of rugged military-style boots. These added a fun kick (we’re so punny!) to a super-sweet outfit.

General Tip: Dress nicely when you go shopping! I’m not saying put on a ball gown and heels, but it’s been proven time and time again that you get more help from salespeople when you dress nicely. So take the time to put on a nice outfit and save yourself the frustration of trying to get someone’s attention when you can’t reach that blouse by yourself.

What Do You Think?

What are your tips for dressing to shop? Do you tend to hit the mall or are more of a boutique girl? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar heres a tad of common sense says:

    dude, my “what to wear for shopping” is either cold weather- leggings singlet and jacket because you can try anything over the top of leggings, you can try anything over a singlet so all you wear have to do in take off a jackets and shoes (ugg boots)
    hot weather- a dress that is loose and you can take off in seconds with flip flops.
    no makeup (whats the point?) and just shove your hair up in a ponytail so its not in the way. don’t wear earrings or any jewelry because they get caught on the things your trying on wear a simple back pack that you can put all your stuff in because no ones going to judge you and its way easier. honestly the way people think its necessary to have all the gunk on your face, random jewelry you going to the shops for gods sake. people these days. sorry for the rant im just trying to bring some common sense into this website don’t mind me….

    • avatar Yay says:

      Good on you for actually pointing out how unnecessary it is to basically over engineer every bloody outfit!
      I agree with you that there’s two outfit decisions- summer and winter. Why make it hard for yourself by adding random jewelry and plus wearing makeup there is a huge chance that it is going to wipe off onto the clothing you are trying on !!! Which can be a huge annoyance to the shop owners that all these clothes are now ruined because one stupid person was wearing too much makeup and now it’s all over the clothes !
      Just wanted to add my two cents

  2. avatar Sari says:

    Clever! For the cold outfit, I originally thought those were tights, but leggings are a great alternative- just think how much easier they are to take off in the dressing room!

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