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Midterms are almost over and it’s time for Spring Break! Whether that means you’re going on a cruise or just going back home to visit family, here’s how you can dress your best.


Look 1: Sight-Seeing
what to wear Look 1: Sight-Seeing

This look is perfect for sight-seeing around your town or whatever new town you’re in. Go exploring with this short sleeved floral dress from Delia’s ($30). Pair with some black sandals ($20, and a glitter wristlet ($7.99, Bring a camera and see what you find!


Look 2: Night Out on the Town

what to wear Look 2: Night Out on the Town

After a day of swimming and traveling, dinner with family or friends is always the best option. Grab a navy and white dress ($15, and pair with some black flats with gold studs ($21, Bring along a light pink clutch ($17, and you’re set!


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