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This is the busiest travel season of the year, and whether you’re taking a place or a train don’t miss an opportunity to dress as your best self!


LOOK 1. For this look, start off with a neutral shirt (, $35) and pair it with some ripped skinny jeans (oasis, $45). Add some neon pink Toms for a pop of color. The Victoria Secret Duffel Bag completes the look while also being spacious enough to carry all your belongings. This is a great look for flying because it’s warm and cozy. Since airplanes can be sometimes cold, add a scarf for extra warmth.


LOOK 2. For this look, sweaters (, $19) and ripped jeans (, $31) are the way to go. This look ensures comfort for any kinds of travel. Pair it off with some boots (Steve Madden, $91) and add a maroon scarf for a pop of color to complete the look.



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  1. avatar Sam says:

    Love both looks

  2. avatar Anna says:

    I <3 the second picture!

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