As someone who has been a vegetarian for her whole life, I am a walking testament to the fact that yes, you can survive without meat for more than a few hours. There have been many studies citing vegetarianism as a means of longevity through diet, even adding up to 13 years to your life. Even if being a vegetarian isn’t something that you could stick with, try it for a great detox, and you’ll be looking and feeling your healthiest in no time. Take a second to clear your mind of the hippie stereotypes, and immerse yourself with the facts behind the awesomeness of being a vegetarian.

It’s humane

Many vegetarians choose a meat-free diet because it’s animal-friendly. According to the Vegetarian Times, 10 billion animals per year are slaughtered for consumption. Today, most animals are factory farmed in horrific conditions and slaughtered in inhumane ways, because they are not protected under anti-animal cruelty laws. If the moral aspects are not appealing enough, more factory farmed animals are often fed antibiotics or forms of pesticides, which directly affect a human digestion system when consumed as well.

It’s green

Vegetarians help to reduce pollution as well as avoid excessive use of chemicals that can be very toxic. The meat industry has many poor affects on the environment, mostly through polluting water sources. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency cited 95 percent of residue from pesticides present in human diet comes from meat products, including fish.

It fights disease

Vegetarianism has been linked to reducing the risk of cancer, keep weight at a healthy level, build strong bones, promote faster metabolic rates, and has been cited as the single most effective way to reduce the progression of coronary artery disease.

You’ll look and feel your best

Clearer complexion, shinier hair, a slimmer waste line, anyone? Vegetarians reap all of these benefits, not to mention the good nutrition also creates more energy. Too much fat from food with high saturated fat content and animal fats decrease the amount of oxygen that flows to muscles because it does not allow arteries to open properly. Staples of a vegetarian diet like whole grains, vegetables and fruit are great sources of antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. Put simply, pure fuel.

It’s easier than you think

Going veggie can seem intimidating to those who are used to going straight for the meat items in a grocery store or on a menu, but as a seasoned vegetarian I can testify that there are a lot of meat-free options that tend to be overlooked. Combining vegetables from the salad bar with a rice or pasta dish can go a long way and be delicious and healthy – vegetables go with everything! Also, living on a vegetarian diet mainly consisting of fresh produce, dairy, eggs, and grains is much cheaper than buying meat items on a weekly basis on top of it all.

What do you think?

Are you or have you ever tried to become a vegetarian? What are your favorite vegetarian dishes or recipes? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Jessica x says:

    I have turned to being a veggie for 8 months now I used to eat a lot of meat but its actually really easy to turning with many other veggie choices out there other than meat. I also am feeling good and healthy physically and mentally and I’ve noticed my face had Also cleared up too! Btw I’m a teenager x

  2. avatar sami says:

    um, Ava, FYI eating meat is NOT natural for human beings. Humans are designed to be vegetarians. We don’t have canines. We have long small intestines and flat molars found in all herbivores. Also, if you used to be vegetarian, why did you stop? Its so much healthier…

  3. avatar Ava says:

    Domestic cats, big cats, hyenas, mongooses, civets, dogs, wolves, foxes, ferrets, seals, walruses, dolphins, whales, porpoises, bats (excluding the fruit bat).

    All of these animals are classed as a mammal. All of these animals are classed as carnivores. Human beings are also classed as mammals.

    The argument seems to be that animals do not have guns, however we do not have razor sharp teeth and claws to kill, hunt, etc. our ‘prey’.

    As for killing something more defenseless than ourselves, a lion would not seek to hunt out a healthy wolf now would it? It would prey on the weaker animal, such as a zebra. In the ‘human world’ if you will, our position would be that of the lion’s where the zebra would take the place of a more common animal such as a cow.

    Eating meat is just a natural thing to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, and I have nothing against them, but saying that eating meat is wrong because it is cruel is ridiculous. We’re part of the animal kingdom in retrospect and animals kill other animals for food as well, in ways just as cruel as some consider us to kill animals for food.

    Oh and I used to be a vegetarian, so I’ve been there before.

  4. avatar miranda says:

    i do agree that it is sad what they do to the animals, but i don’t think it helps to become a vegetarian. they will still slaughter the animals, whether you eat them or not. it’s sad, really. :/

  5. avatar Laura says:

    I began having pains in my stomach and left arm, turned out to be because i eat horribly bad foods, like meats, spicy things and all that tasty stuff. My doctor has since then told me i have to become a vegetarian in order to avoid getting ulcers and surgery in the future, every since then i have been eating healthy, ive lost weight in a good way and i feel light as air! I feel like i have tons of energy to do anything i want! And plus im saving myself a lot of pain for the future!

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