Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, and most of us do it at least twice a day, if not more often. However, flossing is like brushing’s dorky younger brother: it seems to get overlooked a lot, and isn’t usually considered as important as brushing. But, flossing is just as important as brushing, and some dental experts even argue it can do more for your overall health than brushing itself. Read on for some extra benefits to the stringy stuff ,as well as tips for forming a habit as regular as brushing:

Why You Should:

  • You can gargle all the Listerine you want, but if you have tiny particles of food rotting between your teeth, your bad breath is going to keep creeping back. Flossing removes both the particles and the bacteria that feeds on them, which cause bad smells to be released. Of course, brushing and using mouthwash also helps, but the best method if you suffer from coffee/morning/whatever breath is to use all three. Bad breath is one of the number one turn-offs for both men and women, and can seriously affect the impression you make on others. Get it in gear and grab some floss today!
  • A typical container of floss costs about $2 and can last you a month, even with daily use. A typical filling from your dentist will run you anywhere from $150-$300, causes pain and discomfort, and may be more susceptible to further damage down the road. Since many cavities occur in between teeth, where typical brushing misses, flossing is essential to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Do your bank account a favour and invest in this simple drugstore tool.
  • Studies show that your oral health directly affects your overall health. Dental diseases can lead to serious overall health risks affecting your lungs, bones, and even your reproductive system. Don’t let a simple bad habit lead to serious regret down the road. Doing everything you can to keep your teeth in tip-top shape will greatly increase your chances of maintaining overall health as you age, and avoid these scary complications.

How To:

  • When parents are trying to convince their kids to floss they use a simple method: make it fun. We may not be little kids anymore but when it comes to trying to form a new healthy habit, fun is a must. Check out the yummy kid-friendly flavours available like cinnamon, bubblegum, or even cupcake flavour (yum!) Grab a couple different flavours and mix and match each night to create flavour-combos. It may sound silly, but it might be enough to help you remember to floss.

Cinnamon Floss, Bubblegum Floss, Cupcake Floss

  • Floss is usually in everyone’s house already: in the back of the medicine cabinet; stuck to the bottom of the bathroom drawer; mingled with spare nails in the toolbox. Don’t let good floss get wasted: stick it somewhere you’re likely to see it and use it everyday, with other items you use daily. I find putting floss on my desk, or with my makeup is a much better reminder than putting it in the cupboard with my toothpaste. It stands out as out-of-place and reminds me to use it, but is still in a spot where I’ll notice it everyday.
  • Use notes to remind yourself until you get into the habit. Stick a note on your bathroom mirror, your toothpaste tube, even wrapped around the handle of your toothbrush. After awhile, you won’t need the reminders anymore, just like you learned to brush your teeth as part of your routine as a child.

What Do You Think?

Are you a flosser? Are you going to start now? What do you think of my tips? Leave a comment and let me know!


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    is that really you? Because it is really me?

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    is that really you? Because it is really me? And Cheyenne is not my real name!

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    lol cute picture… too bad it’s me hahaha.

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    haha i try to floss every night, sometimes I just forget (oops)

    i dont like using the floss containers, I use those new floss stick things where the floss head u just throw it away and replace it with a new one. It is SO Much easier to reach in the way back of teeths

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    sari you know it’s impossible to floss every day lol

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    I floss every night, but I think this kind of inspires me to floss twice a day.

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