Ladies – let’s get serious for a minute here. There’s a crisis in the world of computing, and they need your help. Trouble is, there aren’t enough women in computer engineering courses. So, if you aren’t in love with your major and have an aptitude for computers, you might consider a switch. And tell your little sister, too!

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People in engineering and academic circles are desperate to interest more young women in computer science and engineering, because a socially diverse team is a more effective team. Unfortunately, too many girls are put off by gender stereotypes of computer engineers as “brilliant and socially awkward males”.

But computer engineering is proving itself as one of the most rewarding and stable careers available to graduates. With industry experts noticing the gender imbalance, there’s never been a better time for you to pursue a degree in this field. Graduates can expect a bright future with good earnings, high job security (computers aren’t going anywhere in the near future!), and the chance to travel – thanks to worldwide skills shortages in areas like cloud computing.

Skills and requirements

If you’re planning on transferring into or taking one of the computer  engineering degrees available to school leavers, you’ll need to equip yourself with strong academic credentials to get into university. Good grades in maths and science are expected. Computer engineers must also be confident at analyzing and interpreting data, so you’ll need good critical thinking and spreadsheet skills. But book learning isn’t enough — you’ll also need to have a talent for effectively communicating your ideas and persuading others.

Where to study

As we mentioned before, computer engineers are in demand all over the world, so it’s never too soon to begin cultivating your global outlook. Even if you’re only switching major, you should start thinking about your exchange opportunities. One of the most exciting places to expand your horizons is the United Arab Emirates – home to stunning architecture, a growing IT and computer science market, and a range of world-class learning institutions that offer computer engineering degrees.

Careers to pursue

You’ll find a diverse range of specialisms available to budding computer engineers, so it’s worth thinking about which path you would like your qualifications, skills, and dreams to help you pursue. If wealth is your goal, then IT support, web development or maintenance engineering may appeal – computer systems and construction machinery are always in demand.

If you’re more interested in creativity and interesting projects, then software engineers are among the best jobs in the USA. And there are also more esoteric pursuits too. For instance, if you have a clear knack for communication, you may do well as a technical writer or a UI developer.

Set your sights on a computer engineering degree and it’s all out there waiting for you. You just have to go out there and grab it. Go on – help to shape the future!

Images by Will Folsom, used under Creative Commons license.

Set your sights on a computer engineering degree and it’s all out there waiting for you. You just have to go out there and grab it. Go on – help to shape the future!

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  1. Pali says:

    This is great advice. I majored in math and somehow never considered majoring in computer science or engineering at the time. Now, I realize based on experience that there are so many exciting opportunities that come from a background in computers!

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