Okay, maybe not steal, just borrow, and it doesn’t have to be your boyfriend, it can be your best guy friend, best gay friend, male roommate, whoever! Just ask their permission first ;) Guys closets can be a fun place to find unique pieces to change up your style, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to go on a shopping spree. Here are a few suggestions for pieces you can think of snatching, but feel free to look around and try things on (if he’s cool with it, of course), you might find a look that you never would have expected!

Button-Down Shirt

An over-sized men’s button-down can be worn a bunch of different ways and is totally on-trend with menswear and over-sized clothing trends. My favourite part: if you wear it right, it can make you look very feminine and tiny, no matter what size you are. It gives you that “I’m so petite that any clothes I buy just fall off of me” vibe that is completely model-off-duty chic. This outfit pairs an over-sized button-down with a waist-belt to cinch in the waist, leggings, and feminine accessories to keep you from drowning in the size of the shirt.

shirt: American Eagle, leggings: Top Shop, belt & headband: Charlotte Russe, boots: Delia’s, earrings: Old Navy


Again, we get the enhanced-tiny-frame factor with men’s coats, but it will also be very practical at keeping you warm. Throw your man’s coat over a frilly dress or other equally-feminine-frock for a night-out look with a bit of an edge. I love this ultra-girly dress, although the hemline is rather daring, but I think pairing it with tights makes it a little less scandalous. The leather jacket is the perfect masculine complement to this otherwise girls-only outfit.

leather coat: Abercrombie & Fitch, dress: Bebe, tights: Top Shop, necklace: Nordstrom’s, shoes: Charlotte Russe


Whether it’s a watch, belt, hat, tie, or other male accessory, a girl can have a whole lot of fun in a guy’s jewellery box. Don’t put anything off-limits, even if it’s too big. Ask your man if you can remove a couple links from his watch while you borrow it (you can take it to a jeweller’s or do it yourself) and promise to put it back to his size before you return it. A hat or tie can look cute over-sized: making it obvious that you’re borrowing menswear and didn’t just get confused in the department store. As for belts, this is a great opportunity to be creative with the extra slack of the oversized belt: you can tie it in a knot, wear it loosely slung over your hips, or make a little bow by looping the slack twice and securing with the buckle. The options are endless, mix and match to create your perfect menswear-infused look.

belts: American Eagle, sunglasses: aeropostale, tie: Nordstrom’s, watch: Roots

I hope you got some great ideas for incorporating real menswear into your own wardrobe. Will you be raiding your boyfriend/guy friends closets? Are there any other menswear pieces you like to bring into your style? Leave a comment and let me know. The secret to stealing from your boyfriend’s closet is something every college girl should know.

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  1. avatar Rachael says:

    This is my favorite post so far =]
    Too bad I’m currently single…

  2. avatar Marthe says:

    Great post!
    My boyfriend’s size is waaaay to big for me though, but I love borrowing his watches and bags! :)

  3. avatar Sari says:

    I loved “borrowing” my boyfriends’ watches and then conveniently forgetting to return them ;)

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