Imagine this scenario: It’s 3 am, you’ve just cabbed home with your girlfriends to your place after a night of drinks and dancing, you’re a little tipsy, and all-laughed-out, with just enough energy to pull off your heels before collapsing into bed.

Do you carefully remove all your makeup before you call it a night? Typically, your answer in this case is a resounding no. We’ve all been there: whether it’s cramming for an exam at the library, partying it up with your friends, or maybe watching a chick flick marathon, some nights it just seems like too much of a hassle to wash your face. Hey, you’ll do it in the morning, what’s a few hours? Unfortunately, those few hours can make a huge difference in the health of your skin, so I’ve rounded up the top reasons why you should wash your face every night, no excuses, and ways to get the job done quickly and easily.

1.  Acne: even if you’re not prone to acne, it can easily develop if you’re lazy about removing your makeup. While you sleep, your skin produces oil which gets trapped in the pores by the layers of makeup you left on your skin, making them clogged and likely to break out.

2. Wrinkles: It may seem like aging skin is the last thing on a college girl’s stress list, but preventative skin care is one of the best ways of keeping your skin look young and smooth in the years to come. By not cleansing your skin at night and allowing it to breath while you rest, you’re adding years to the look of your face in the long run. Wipe off the stuff every pm and you’ll thank yourself in 10, 15, and 20 years.

3. Rashes and Infections: As if the other reasons weren’t enough to scare you off sleeping with your sparkles on, this should. Sleeping with makeup on your face can cause it to flake off into your eye area, leading to skin rashes– or worse–eye infections such as pink eye, or even corneal ulcers!! These are serious and scary infections that have to be treated by an M.D. and may even require surgery in extreme circumstances. This is not something to play around with. (note: I was going to show images of these infections, but found them to be too graphic. If you’re still not scared, do a google image search and you’ll never skip washing your face again!)

My Picks:

There are many options to make removing your makeup quick and easy.

-I personally use Clean and Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser every night. It foams right into your hand and washes off everything in a snap.

-I also use a cotton swab and dampen it with Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover. I’ve found it to be the best for removing even waterproof eye makeup.

-If you’re really in a pinch, facial cleansing wipes can get the job done, and they’re extremely better than just skipping washing it off altogether. Again, I like the Clean & Clear line of cleansing cloths, but any brand–even gentle baby wipes– will do.

Now go over that scenario at the top again, this time it might have a different ending, maybe something along the lines of: you stumble in, kick off your heels, quickly swipe off your makeup with a baby wipe, and crash feeling good that you avoided the many dangers of not removing makeup before bed…something every college girl should know.

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  1. avatar Alexandra says:

    I use coconut oil for a make-up remover. it really works and it’s also moisturizing and anti-bacterial.

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