Spring fashions may be overflowing the storefronts already, but for most of us, winter is far from over. Common skin problems happen for every girl in the winter: the harsh wind and snow outside, combined with the dry heat inside really does a number on your face and body. Here is our fool-proof system for taking your skin from dull, dry, and disastrous to glowing, gleaming, and glamourous.

Step 1:  Scrub Up

We all know exfoliation is the best way to slough off dead, dry, dull skin until it’s silky smooth, but when it comes to exfoliating, it’s not one size fits all. Use a separate exfoliating cleanser on your face that is intended for facial skin. Your facial skin is so thin and sensitive that using a harsh scrub intended for your body could damage it or even scar it.

For the rest of your body, I recommend a two-step process: first, scrub down your dry bare skin all over in a circular motion using an exfoliating mitten, which you can pick up at a drug or beauty store. Then, use a body scrub in the shower after you’ve let the water slick things up and warm your skin. There are lots of scrubs on the market, or you can make your own by combining 2 tbsp of olive oil with 2 tbsp of sugar. The sugar helps slough off the dead skin with the olive oil nourishes and moisturizers the fresh skin underneath.

Step 2:  Smooth Down

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As soon as you hop out of the shower, it’s time to slather on some lotion. Take your pick from unscented, basic moisturizing cream, to luxury body butters, and anything in between. You can find a variety to choose from at your drug store, department store, or makeup store, so you’re bound to find something that floats your boat. If you like a scented lotion, why not try one with a summery scent to perk you up on a cold winter day: look for lime, coconut, or verbena. For a little extra luxury, pour your lotion in a glass before you get in the shower. Fill your sink with scalding-hot water, and place the glass in without submerging it. While you shower, the lotion will slowly heat up so it’s rich, creamy, and won’t give you goosebumps.

Step 3: Protect

Now that you’ve sloughed off your scaly skin, keep it in great shape by taking a few extra precautions while the weather rages on. Drinking lots of water is always important for healthy, glowing skin, but it’s especially important in the winter. With the dry, cold winds outside and the dry, fake heat indoors, it’s very easy to get dehydrated, and the first place your body sucks moisture from when it’s running low is your skin. For tips on how to drink more water if it’s not your habit, check out our article on it from last year!

Drinking water isn’t the only way to keep your skin in tip top shape. You should also do your best to protect yourself against the elements when braving the winter weather, either walking to class, or running to the bus. A scarf to cover your face, mittens for your ears, and a good winter jacket go a long way to protect your skin from the elements and keep it smooth and sexy.

What Do You Think?

What are your worst winter skin problems? What do you do to fix them? How do you like my tips? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. avatar Hannahbanana says:

    Wow…it never really clicked that my oily skin was a result of not enough water! I’ve DEF been dehydrated for years, going months without a glass… :O (relax, I drank tons of soda and juice…that’s why i’m still alive today :P) but I’m definitely motivated to incorporate water into my life :D Thanks!

  2. avatar Irina says:

    I knew the first two, but not the third section. Thank you for posting this!

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