Every College Girl's Guide to Staying Classy

Every College Girl’s Guide to Staying Classy

Class is a rare thing to come across these days. What is class? Being classy does not mean you have to be boring, stuck up, rich, or any other unfortunate characteristic that has become associated...
Classy is the New Black

Classy is the New Black

The New Oxford American dictionary defines class as something that is “informal, stylish, and sophisticated.” Every girl seems to be caught up in the idea of being classy. Rightfully so. No girl wants...
How To... Get Ready Faster In The Morning

How To… Get Ready Faster In The Morning

As college girls, we’re no strangers to that Friday morning rush to class. Or some weeks it’s the every day rush to class. But regardless, these quick tips streamline your morning routine to...
Choosing The Right Yoga Class For You

Choosing The Right Yoga Class For You

  Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a first timer, the benefits of yoga are undeniable: your mind, body, and soul – all merged into one during one yoga practice. Beautiful. But with more than...
7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Class

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Class

How bad can skipping class really be? In your head you can justify it because you are going to catch up on sleep or catch up on the reading for a particular class. Or maybe...

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