Peppermint: A Healthy Christmas Treat

Peppermint: A Healthy Christmas Treat

Sitting in my black swivel desk chair, I turned away from the window and propped my head against my palms, then held my forehead, thinking that would make this pounding headache go away....
How To... Make Your No-Bake Reese's, In 5 Minutes

How To… Make Your No-Bake Reese’s, In 5 Minutes

Let’s be real, this is candy season. If you don’t have time to run to the store to pick some up, you’re not off the hook… not that you want to be. Whether you’re snagging...
How to...Make Chocolate Frozen Yogurt- Copycat Red Mango Recipe

How to…Make Chocolate Frozen Yogurt- Copycat Red Mango Recipe

I used to live upstairs of a Red Mango. Miraculously enough I did not go and get a snack there every evening. Maybe the cold, winter weather had something to do with it....
How To... Make Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

How To… Make Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate is something that every college girl needs to have around. It is something that is a must in de-stressing from the work load, social drama, and all the other things that seem...
How To... Make A Simple And Delicious Treat, Chocolate Pretzels With M&M's

How To… Make A Simple And Delicious Treat, Chocolate Pretzels With M&M’s

Whether you’re a salty or a sweet kind of snacker, look no further than chocolate covered pretzels with M&M’s to satisfy both of your cravings at once. The best part? Only 3 ingredients...
5 Simple Foods That Boost Your Mood

5 Simple Foods That Boost Your Mood

  Even though Spring is in full effect and midterms are winding down, we all have those days when sometimes we just need a little extra boost. Some healthy foods have properties and...
How to...Cook: Candy Cane Cocoa

How to…Cook: Candy Cane Cocoa

If you’re not big on the holiday celebrations starting on November 1, you might not be psyched about this post. However, if you love the lights, decorations, and seasonal drinks that come around...

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