You can be your true Self around them. This goes beyond a crush level. Love indicates a deeply resonating truth, or even a mirror, in which you see your deepest and highest self reflected. The goods and the bads, the awful hair days and the otherwise, you can show your essence to someone in a way that makes you feel connected to your inner self and purpose. For some people this kind of truth is considered a vulnerability, whereas others may revel in the comfort. Regardless of your reactions, this is a red flag that has love written all over it.

There is never enough time with them. As girls, we are highly capable about getting sick of pretty much everyone we’re surrounded by on a daily basis… except that One. The One who you could spend hours with and never get sick of them, someone who no matter what they do is able to captivate you, the one who you can never get enough of and can never stop learning enough about.

You resolve conflicts, and thus grow together instead of apart. When the ego is left at the door, and you can engage in an honest discussion about your feelings and what your partner may be feeling, that opens the door to a level of growth that surpasses the “argue and makeup” cycle. The bonds of love are stitched with expression of your innermost nature, and the same goes for your partner. Instead of making the argument about demanding an apology, about winning, or about standing up for yourself in a way that shuts the other person out, use a conflict as a vehicle to identify deeper issues, and more importantly, to get over them in a way that does not allow them to resurface in another form.

You think about their needs or about them in general more than you think about yourself. This is easier for some people more than others, but let’s face it, we live in an ego-centric society at the moment that makes true compassion difficult to maintain. This doesn’t promote giving up your needs for the person you love, but it is just a point to take note of as your consciousness shifts to suddenly include another who you value, in a compassionate way, as at least equal to yourself on a soul level.

Your energetic center has grown and shifted. When you’re truly in love, the axis upon which your energetic center balanced begins to shift. Your energy has expanded to encompass another’s. It’s not to say that your every happiness depends on theirs, but it becomes conscious of theirs at a deeper level. The consciousness is what can lead to a deeper awakening, which is a key component of the effect love has on humanity.

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