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By nature of time roommates don’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean that dealing with a bad one is easy in any duration. Here are some signs that your time together should be coming to a close. We also did a post on how to get along with your roommate here.

1. You Used to Speak and Don’t Now

You are your roommate used to be buddies (or were at least casually friendly) but some weird circumstances have built to the point where you hardly look at each other when you pass in the hall. Awkward. No one should feel like they need to tip-toe around their own living space so if talking things out to rebuild a connection isn’t going to happen it might be time to consider making a change.

2. Money Issues

If your roommate is straight up refusing to pay their share of the rent or bills you need to get out of there stat. Having to foot someone’s share of the bills or not being able to cover it can lead to credit issues that could haunt you for a long time. Don’t feel guilty about drawing the line no matter what their financial hardships are, they shouldn’t be yours.

3. One of You is Dating the Other’s Ex

Whether or not you received explicit permission from her to date her ex boyfriend, you really shouldn’t be bringing him around your shared pad. The possibilities for something to go wrong are endless. She might feel slapped in the face, he might realize he still likes her, etc.

4. They Disrespect Your Stuff

Accidents happen, but if your roommate is taking advantage of your space by breaking dishes, losing multiple sets of keys, and regularly spilling all over furniture, it’s time for a talk of some sort.

5. When Things Get Unbearably Messy

A little clutter is natural, but if your roommate is a chronic mess-maker, leaving dirty dishes, clothes, and trash everywhere, it can really take a toll on your mental health. You’ve tried talking about it, but the mess keeps piling up, and you’re finding yourself constantly cleaning up after them. A living environment should feel clean and inviting, not like a pigsty. If the situation doesn’t improve, it’s time to consider parting ways.

6. Constant Noise and Disruption

Everyone has different schedules, habits, and preferences, but if your roommate is consistently being loud and disruptive during your study or sleep hours, it’s a clear sign that your lifestyles might not be compatible. An understanding roommate should recognize the importance of tranquility and be open to finding a middle ground. If they remain stubborn and refuse to adapt, it could be an indication that you need to seek out a more fitting living arrangement.

7. Invasion of Privacy

Your personal space and privacy should be respected by your roommate. If they’re constantly snooping through your belongings, borrowing your things without asking, or barging into your room without knocking, it’s a breach of trust and a sign that they don’t respect your boundaries. Make sure to have a conversation about respecting each other’s privacy, and if the situation doesn’t improve, it’s time to find a new roommate.

8. Mismatched Values and Lifestyles

Sometimes, it’s not just about one specific issue but rather a series of incompatibilities that make living together unbearable. When your roommate’s principles, routines, or way of life conflict with your own, it may result in a tense atmosphere where both of you feel uneasy. It’s crucial to seek out a roommate with comparable values and who can live harmoniously together. In such situations, it’s wise to acknowledge the incompatibility and begin the search for a more suitable cohabitation arrangement.

What Do You Think?

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